Variety French Fries

Variety French Fries by Renu Guru

French Fries dressed up with herbs spices!.Fries with a kick is what this is.Great for people who love fries and who like it spicy.Whe I made it,it was all gone within minutes. Play with the amount of seasonings to best suit your taste and tolerance for heat!.

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Garbanzo Bean Spread

Garbanzo Bean Spread by Desert Panz

So, I was looking for an easy meal to make for a lazy Friday night. I poked around the various vegan and vegetarian recipe sites. Came across spreads and found garbanzo bean spreads. Read several of the recipes and decided to make it but with our favorite ingredients. One time I paired the spread with homemade french fries.…

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vegan chocolate biscuits

vegan chocolate biscuits by Renu Guru

Biscuits are made with ground almonds, are light and crisp, low in saturated fat and gluten-not to mention Vegan!.

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Sangria takes its name from the Spanish word 'sangre',for blood,as it base was traditionally red wine.But in summer,it's evben more refreshing with a lighter style wine as its foundation.Feel free to top your mixed fruit and soda or mineral water with white wine,sparkling wine or even sparkling rose.When I made this just 2 days back…

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Pakoras by Shazia Ijaz

Gram flour and vegetable fritters

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Za'atar Spice Mix

Za'atar Spice Mix by Aaron Donnelly Howlin

This spice mix is inspired by a few years my family spent living in Saudi Arabia many moons ago. It is a delicious, subtle and floral spice blend which adds a rich taste of the Middle East to any recipe you can think of!

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Nankhatai Recipe (Indian Eggless Shortbread Cookies)

Nankhatai Recipe (Indian Eggless Shortbread Cookies) by Hina Gujral

Nankhatai Recipe is a classic Indian eggless shortbread cookies prepared with ghee and gram flour. These days we all have fallen for fancy first world cookies with gourmet ingredients. Somewhere Indian baked goodies have lost their glory, infact the new generation hardly recognize these conventional cookies. When I baked Nankhatais, a…

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Plain flour vegetable tortillas

Plain flour vegetable tortillas by Renu Guru

These can be made like the Indian roti.It is full of flavour what with onions and carrots going into can eat it as it is aor with a dash of ketchup and french fries wrapped in them.

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Wholesome Quick Quinoa Pilaf

Wholesome Quick Quinoa Pilaf by Renu Guru

Perfect for a vegetarian or vegan diet.It is a twist from your usual rice or pasta pilaf.

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Potato & peas dry curry

Potato & peas dry curry by Renu Guru

"This is usually made as a gravy curry, but I like to make it dry too. It tastes as good and goes well with Roti, naan or just plain rice. Not many ingredients go into this dish yet this is full of flavour and very satisfying."

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Brown Rice and Walnut Salad

Brown Rice and Walnut Salad by Renu Guru

This rice and walnut salad is an exciting way to eat brown rice.It is tasty,hearty, and bursting with nutrition.You can eat this salad warm or cold.

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Spicy chickpea:

Spicy chickpea: by Renu Guru

This is another mouthwatering Indian snack recipe with a calories below 100. Chickpeas have very high nutritional value and are great as a movie or evening snack.Thsi is not only healthy but also very tasty.

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Sweet Melon Magic in a Bowl

Sweet Melon Magic in a Bowl by Renu Guru

This one dessert we use to wait for during the long Indian summers back when we were kids having fun during our summer school hols. My mum used to make this quite often with any kind of melon that was available...mostly with honey dew melons. You can add/substitute watermelon or musk melon to this too.

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Crunchy- Munchy Apple Crisps

Crunchy- Munchy Apple Crisps by Renu Guru

Everybody is aware of the health benefits an apple brings into one's daily life.To add taste to their health quotient, apples bring tremendous flavour to any recipes.This one is a healthy apple crisp recipe which can be prepared in a jiffy....and eaten without guilt.

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Sesame Almond Milk

Sesame Almond Milk by Rawfully Tempting

There is practically nothing on this Earth as yummy as fresh Almond Milk...(okay, well maybe Coconut Milk). Once you realize how easy this is to prepare, you can begin creating variations, adding even more nutrients and flavor to this remarkable beverage! Today I prepared Sesame Almond Milk and it is delicious! Almond milk is a…

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