Carciofi alla romana (Roman-style Artichokes)

Carciofi alla romana (Roman-style Artichokes) by Frank Fariello

Dear readers: I am back from my travels, at my blogging post just in time for the first day of Spring. Artichokes are back in season! And is there any vegetable more typical of Roman cooking, perhaps of all Italian cuisine, than the artichoke? What better way to get back to work, then, than this dish, one of the most typically Roman…

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Cavolfiore alla napoletana

Cavolfiore alla napoletana by Frank Fariello

Here's another quick and easy vegetable side dish or light supper: "Neapolitan style" cauliflower, known in Naples itself as cavolfiore con passi e pinoli. A recipe for this dish is contained in the classic tome, La cucina napoletana by J.C. Franscesconi (recipe 527 on page 534).

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Paella "Reina Sofia"

Paella "Reina Sofia" by Frank Fariello

Well, I suppose that it is paella week at our house. I just couldn't resist trying out another kind of paella—a vegetarian paella that I have dubbed paella «Reina Sofia», after Spain's Queen Sofia, who happens to be a vegetarian. The basic method is the same as that for paella a la valenciana, with the critical difference that…

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Penne ai funghi (Penne with Mushroom and Tomato Sauce)

Penne ai funghi (Penne with Mushroom and Tomato Sauce) by Frank Fariello

Fall is my favorite season, and one of the best reasons to love the Fall is all the wonderful food you get to eat! The sprightly but rather thin dishes of summer give way to more substantial fare: game, soups and stews of all kinds, pumpkin and other squashes, beans, apples, pears and, perhaps best of all, mushrooms! Here's a…

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