Green salsa made with green banana peppers

Green salsa made with green banana peppers by Spicie Foodie

Spicy green salsa made with green banana peppers. Green salsas or Salsa verde are made using Tomatillos ( a small green tomato that's wrapped in a husk) , fresh green chili (either fresh Jalapenos or Seranos), cilantro, onion. This salsa is a substitute for the traditional salsa verde, because I have never seen tomatillos here and…

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RAW Mexican Fiesta Soup

RAW Mexican Fiesta Soup by margaret Meyer

If anybody knows me for any time they will find out that I LOVE vegan Mexican and Thai Food! Anything with that spicy flare. I warmed my vegan raw soup in the dehydrator about an hour before I wanted to eat it. AMAZING! Another healthy vegan recipe! This has cilantro which is great for heavy metal detoxification. Cilantro:…

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Mango Slush

Mango Slush by pshinde2109

Mango Slush is very refreshing summer drink. It has taste of lemon and ginger. It will make your summer afternoon!!!'

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Green Juice

Green Juice by Alma

A boost of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Give your body what it need and deserves! Drink this instead of breakfast or afternoon snack. It will jump-start your energy levels.

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Vegetable Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice by Anusha Praveen

Easy to make fried rice

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Live Flatbread

Live Flatbread by fitchick

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Brown Rice Inari sushi.

Brown Rice Inari sushi. by kiyoaki kato

good vegan dish.Sweet sour rice in fried tofu name Aburage.This bag shaped fried tofu may get it at japanese store.good lunch menu.

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Raw Vegan Chocolate Cinnamon Mousse

Raw Vegan Chocolate Cinnamon Mousse by The Blender Girl

This delectable raw vegan chocolate cinnamon mousse is SO easy, and epitomizes the “blend and chow in under 5 minutes” philosophy that I am so fond of. Just throw all the ingredients in your blender and puree until smooth. Adjust the flavourings to your taste. Then chill and devour. How easy is that? This is a fantastic beacon of hope…

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Healthy Carob Balls

Healthy Carob Balls by seetha

The pods are collected when brown, broken open and the hard seeds removed. The empty pods are washed and dry roasted and finally milled to a very fine powder, which is naturally sweet. This powder can be used in the same way as cocoa. One teaspoon carob powder has .25gms calories..

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Savory Hummus

Savory Hummus by Kiki Thompson

This is a traditional greek dip used with falafel sandwiches, gyros, etc. I also use it in my wraps or as a veggie dip.

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Sesame milk shake

Sesame milk shake by kiyoaki kato

Flavor of your choice/plain,sweet with banana,miso\ginger.make it's your own.this is a good chance start drinking sesame milk.dont'you?

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Making Homemade Tofu

Making Homemade Tofu by Victoria Prehn

Ever wonder how you'd live without tofu if you found yourself a survivor in a real-life episode of Revolution with no grocery store to depend upon. Well now you don't have to wonder. Making homemade tofu is easy! All you need is soy beans, water and coagulant.

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Za'atar Spice Mix

Za'atar Spice Mix by Aaron Donnelly Howlin

This spice mix is inspired by a few years my family spent living in Saudi Arabia many moons ago. It is a delicious, subtle and floral spice blend which adds a rich taste of the Middle East to any recipe you can think of!

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