Ready to eat Mango Pickle

Ready to eat Mango Pickle by Lourdes Princy

The mango season is coming to an end slowly.Green mangoes are so versatile that you can use them in pickles, preserves, juice concentrates, curries and much more.This easy to go pickle is so quick, so elaborate procedures just make it and have it for lunch :) done!

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Home Made Velvet Ginger Lemonade

Home Made Velvet Ginger Lemonade by The Blender Girl

When the universe gives you lemons – make naturally sweetened ginger lemonade! I remembered a frothy Lebanese lemonade my friend Christine made with a whole lemon. The zest from the whole lemon adds a strong, aromatic citrus essence, and the freshly grated ginger adds a special zing that makes this lemonade extraordinary. Those of you…

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Brandied Citrus Marmalade (Sangria-style)

Brandied Citrus Marmalade (Sangria-style) by william ruiz

This is a recipe I came up with to do something uniquely different. The pieces of fruit are al dente and it's a nice textural change. It is also more along the lines of the traditional marmalade of old, in the fact that you do get some bitterness from the peels. Over all I was happy with it as I believe you too will be pleasantly…

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