Homemade Restaurant Style French Fries

Homemade Restaurant Style French Fries by Chef Chuck

Just like the fast-food fries!

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fresh cilantro tortillas

fresh cilantro tortillas by FromScratch Sarah

Very simple.I recommend oiling your griddle/pan well.The flour water mix is not always going to work as the recipe calls, the idea is the create an elastic dough not too sticky to roll out into tortillas.I like mine a little thicker to rip up for the dip. These are awesome served with heavenly hot dip, a plate of spinich and…

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Black Bean Veggie Nuggets

Black Bean Veggie Nuggets by Gourmandelle LifestyleBlog

This recipe resembles the traditional Romanian meat nuggets recipe which honestly is delicious but really unhealthy. I used a very small amount of oil, gluten free flour and black beans which are a lot better than the white ones because they contain more fibers and have an impressive amount of antioxidants.

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Chik'n Marsala

Chik'n Marsala by Kiki Thompson

The thing I LOVE about this recipe is that it’s quick, easy & Italian It’s one of those dishes that you can whip right up when you’re really not feeling the jive to make a feast after a long day of work (that’s what I did). It is also one of those dishes that makes you look like a master chef to your dinner guests It’s so YUMMY!

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Stout Hearted Onion Rings with Blue Cheese Dip

Stout Hearted Onion Rings with Blue Cheese Dip by Peter Brown

Saw this on a local internet blog , sounded good so added a few twists and here we are Enjoy

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Isn’t there more to non-vegetarian food than just chicken and mutton? I think there is, too.

Isn’t there more to non-vegetarian food than just chicken and mutton? I think there is, too. by picklemasti

one of the young and popular cousins in the non-vegetarian food family is prawn. When pickled, she is fiery hot and finger-licking spicy – just the kind of medicine needed to bring your everyday meal back to life. The art of pickling prawn is…

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Vegan Agedashi-dofu

Vegan Agedashi-dofu by Robert-Gilles Martineau

"Agedashidofu" or (Tofu first deep-fried, then served with dashi soup" is a very popular Japanese dish that can easily be adapted to fit vegetarian and vegan priorities! Moreover, whatever dashi/soup is left can be poured onto a bowl of freshly staemed rice for a fillingand healthy suppelementary dish! Vegan Agedashidofu!

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Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Deep-fried Tofu Balls

Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Deep-fried Tofu Balls by Robert-Gilles Martineau

Meat balls, or any balls for that matter, don’t have to be made with meat, eggs or dairy products to be attractive and tasty. It is quite a simple task to create them when you have tofu around! Here is an easy and healthy recipe: Deep-fried Tofu Balls:

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Tempeh Sandwich (Mock BLT)

Tempeh Sandwich (Mock BLT) by Suzi

Tempeh is a unique meat replacement – made from soy beans, a single serving has 12 grams of protein. Tempeh can be purchased in the organic section of the grocery store or at your local health-food store. The brand I used for this sandwich is Turtle Island Foods, Inc - a smoky maple bacon flavor. Tempeh can be made at home…

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Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Fried Bell Peppers, Shimeji Mushrooms & Umeboshi

Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Fried Bell Peppers, Shimeji Mushrooms & Umeboshi by Robert-Gilles Martineau

Easy Vegan Japanese recipe!

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simple paneer gravy

simple paneer gravy by kranthi

paneer gravy is rich and delicious recipe. It is prepared easily with out doing excees work.

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VEGAN JAPANESE CURRY by Robert-Gilles Martineau

The Japanese use the word “curry” for almost anything Indian in concept, although most of the curries eaten in Japan are more of Thai origin than else. One more reason to wonder about the word “cyrry”!LOL This recipe, simple and very Japanese makes use of ingredients that should please any culinary priority! Serve it with plain…

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Power Pancakes

Power Pancakes by Julie Greenman

Whole Wheat and Vegan

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Tasty Indian

Tasty Indian by Amanda Millen

One of the values of making bread is the sharing, not just of the food but of the idea. Knowledge is wealth - and over the years, I would like to think I have enriched a lot of minds with bread recipes that I have taught others to make. I have been to a lot of places, enough to compare and incorporate the various cultures in my…

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Pakoras by Shazia Ijaz

Gram flour and vegetable fritters

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