Groundnut Salad / Moongphali Chat / Kadalai Sundal

Groundnut Salad / Moongphali Chat / Kadalai Sundal by Mira

Groundnut belongs to legume family and not a nut as the name suggests. It helps to fight malnutrition, by providing 30 essential nutrients & minerals, no transfat. So if your child is a poor eater, please go ahead and give this wondernut in various forms. THis is such a simple recipe, you can involve your kids to join you…

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Brown Rice and Walnut Salad

Brown Rice and Walnut Salad by Renu Guru

This rice and walnut salad is an exciting way to eat brown rice.It is tasty,hearty, and bursting with nutrition.You can eat this salad warm or cold.

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Mexican Veggie Millet

Mexican Veggie Millet by Hilary

After returning from a year in Korea, we just HAD to get a rice cooker. The Koreans couldn't live without it and now neither can I! If you don't have one, well...I recommend one. But you certainly can make this meal in a slow-cooker or even in a pot on the stove - but you'll need to watch the pot and stir:) It starts to smell…

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Wholesome Quick Quinoa Pilaf

Wholesome Quick Quinoa Pilaf by Renu Guru

Perfect for a vegetarian or vegan diet.It is a twist from your usual rice or pasta pilaf.

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