Catalina Dressing

Catalina Dressing by myra byanka

Great marinade for flank steak to be grilled, baked chicken (see links)or as a dressing for mixed green salads. Unfortunately, I just eat it with a spoon.

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Cherry Velvet Limeade Mocktail

Cherry Velvet Limeade Mocktail by The Blender Girl

This simple little concoction can be whipped up in minutes, and is zesty and refreshing for the whole family. Serve it in martini glasses garnished with lime wedges, mint, and a squeeze of fresh ginger juice. It satisfies the “tart at heart” in me and I hope it will in you too. This recipe is really basic. Feel free to jazz it up. But…

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Microwave Plain Chocolate Fudge & Oat-choco Fudge

Microwave Plain Chocolate Fudge & Oat-choco Fudge by Indrani

Today I'll share a recipe that can bring smile to anyone's face, especially to your kids and for that you have to give 3 minutes of your time. This is one of the easiest way of making Chocolate fudge, that too in your Microwave without any hassle, just need few ingredients and a MW safe dish.

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Classic Sesame Butter Tahini

Classic Sesame Butter Tahini by Tomer Treves

Classic Middle Eastern Tahini is made with sesame butter. Use premium organic sesame butter for the perfect nutty flavor. Healthy and delicious.

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Toucan Mango Chai Smoothie with Fruit

Toucan Mango Chai Smoothie with Fruit by Robyn Savoie

I love Chai Tea. You can use any of the flavors from David Rio's collection for this but the Toucan Mango is the best for a tropical twist.

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Homemade Bailey's Irish Cream

Homemade Bailey's Irish Cream by Micheline

Made my own version of the classic Bailey's Irish Cream. This is the perfect recipe to sip a delicious spiked up cup of coffee during the cold winter months. It is a lot cheaper than buying the real Bailey's Irish Cream and tastes as good, if not better, because you can adjust the recipe to your own taste. Warning: This recipe…

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Reuben Hot Dog

Reuben Hot Dog by Glenn

Super fast microwave treat combining Americana and class on a bun. Admittedly I stole the idea from my local hardware store (which happens to have a fine cafe inside it) but I have made it microwave fast. You can be enjoying a gustatorial treat in just minutes.

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Peanut Butter and Celery Vol au Vents

Peanut Butter and Celery Vol au Vents by Tania Mattiello

Tasty Peanut Butter and Celery Vol au Vents, Cream Cheese and Celery o au Vents. Quick and Easy to prepare!

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Mussels Vinaigrette

Mussels Vinaigrette by Evelyn Scott

Steamed mussels are dressed with a flavorful vinaigrette in this colorful tapa. It is an ideal treat for a party or any event with lots of people attending.

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Old fashioned Chocolate Malt

Old fashioned Chocolate Malt by Micheline

This recipe is adapted from the Original Old Fashioned Malted Chocolate invented by "Pop" Coulson available at Walgreens, Hudson Bay Co., Woolworth stores in the '50s. Share it with a friend and two straws.

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melanie 's Avocado soup

melanie 's Avocado soup by melanie

melanie 's avocado soup and chill for 1 min to 1 min

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Chili's Salsa

Chili's Salsa by Erin S

A copycat recipe of Chili's Salsa.

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Homemade Smoked Sazon (Seasoning)

Homemade Smoked Sazon (Seasoning) by myra byanka

Don't buy Goya. Make your own dry sazon for Latin American cooking. This recipe contains no msg, is super easy to make, and is used to prepare meats, poultry, beans, soups, stews, etc. Annato powder (achiote) adds a beautiful color to dishes, such as rice.

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Microwave Fudge

Microwave Fudge by myra byanka

Easy prep recipe for chocolate lovers.

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Creole Salad Dressing

Creole Salad Dressing by myra byanka

Good with Mesclun mix or Romaine.

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