You Can Take The Cream Out Of The Cow, You Can Also Take It Out Of The Soup!

You Can Take The Cream Out Of The Cow, You Can Also Take It Out Of The Soup! by kathy gori

I love soups. They're easy, they're do-ahead, they're economical and they're also very, very filling. Soup is my friend. In preparing my meatless Monday menu, I was trying to think of things that Alan would like and would also make him feel like he was…

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Khichdi with bajra nu dhebra and kachumber

Khichdi with bajra nu dhebra and kachumber by Chetana Suvarna Ganatra

A perfect Gujarati meal on a perfect chilly night and all this flushed down with a good glass of masala chass/buttermilk. Healthy, tasty and soo satisfying.... fulfilling the urge of a very authentic Kathiawadi cuisine. Khichdi/Khichuri/Khichari/Khichdee (A hodge-podge dish of rice and lentil preparation, sumthing close to…

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Low Carb Chicken Curry

Low Carb Chicken Curry by Pam Solomon

This is a very hearty dish with a little heat. If you prefer a more mild flavor just omit the jalapenos or red pepper flakes. It can be eaten as a stew or served over low carb pasta. I never hear any complaints when I make this delicious dish. It's out of this world!

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Watermelon Jalapeno Quencher - A Happy 4th July

Watermelon Jalapeno Quencher - A Happy 4th July by A2Z Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine

Know What You Eat: Tired of same old sweet watermelon juice with different fruit combinations????..try this watermelon quencher with a KICK...On a hot summer day if you find your watermelon did not turn out to be sweet, hey no ugly faces, no worries...just blend in all with a kick(jalapeno) and see the difference, with a whole bunch…

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Guacamole bruschetta

Guacamole bruschetta by neha mathur

Guacamole bruschetta is an awesome snack recipe...

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Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken by Chez la mere

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Pizza on Tawa/ Homemade Pizza/ Healthy Pizza

Pizza on Tawa/ Homemade Pizza/ Healthy Pizza by Preeti garg

Today I post Tawa Pizza or homemade wheat flour pizza. It’s a very simple pizza which can be made quickly at home. I have made the pizza dough at home in this recipe with wheat flour without using of refined flour (maida) and yeast which is very good source of fibres, manganese and selenium. You can say, here we use whole wheat flour…

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koikutta (kerala style sweet dumplings)

koikutta (kerala style sweet dumplings) by sunil k.nayar

in Kerala (india's state near by arabian sea)

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Asian Crusted Salmon

Asian Crusted Salmon by Nancy Miyasaki

I'm always looking for interesting new ways to cook salmon that my kids will love. This crusted, blackened salmon was a great addition to my recipe box. I kept it relatively mild, but it could easily be spiced up by adding some cayenne pepper. I thought the indian spices complimented the flavor of the salmon wonderfully. I served…

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Orange Iced Tea with Mint and Lime

Orange Iced Tea with Mint and Lime by Hina Gujral

Last year a friend of mine from Hong Kong got a packet of Chinese tea leaves called "Poli", I am not a tea lover so never used it but few days while reshuffling all those kitchen cabinets I saw that tea leaves packet lying all alone in one dark corner, and so this how it came into use, I guess this the reason I love culinary souvenirs…

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Gujarati Khatta Dhokla

Gujarati Khatta Dhokla by Hina Gujral

Gujarati Khatta Dhokla is steamed rice and lentil fudge seasoned with curry leaves, mustard seeds with splash yellowish red of turmeric and red chili powder. Gujarati Farsans (Snacks) have unique persona each with distinguished cooking method, peculiar taste profile, appetizing presentation and low on calorie count. One such…

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Piccalilli Relish

Piccalilli Relish by Salad Foodie

The final harvest of green tomatoes I relegated to a batch of Piccalilli, a relish of East Indian origin. Just can't get enough of that lightly pungent and savory condiment....and it’s way easy to make using a food processor for most of the chopping tasks. Make a batch of this to give as holiday gifts, and to enjoy yourself through…

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Curry Lentil Soup

Curry Lentil Soup by John Spottiswood

This is a surprisingly light and tangy lentil soup. If you are used to thick and heavy lentil soups, this one will surprise you. It's very tasty and was a great complement to the pizza recipe I just put up. This is also adapted from a Greens restaurant recipe.

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Lamb Madras

Lamb Madras by kathy gori

a lovely lamb dish slowly cooked in clay for a lazy lunch

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What To Do With Thoise Little Bags Of Shredded Cabbage They Sell At The Market

What To Do With Thoise Little Bags Of Shredded Cabbage They Sell At The Market by kathy gori

We've all seen those little bags of pre-shredded cabbage at the market. They're sold as coleslaw, usually with a little packet of dressing included. I must admit that yes, I've purchased these. I toss out the dressing and make my own coleslaw with it.…

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