Caribbean Colombo Roasted Pork

Caribbean Colombo Roasted Pork by Rosemarie

Like the islands themselves, this wonderful pork dish lingers a bit in the oven, giving you plenty of time to sit back, relax and listen to the sounds of steel drum music. Now would be the perfect time to whip up a batch of tropical drinks, close your eyes and imagine far away places.

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Fresh Pineapple Mango Tropical Salsa with Rum

Fresh Pineapple Mango Tropical Salsa with Rum by Homemade & Yummy

Fresh Pineapple Mango Tropical Salsa with Rum is perfect for summer. Fresh fruit with a splash of rum, combine to make the perfect side for grilled meats and fish.

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Indo Jamaican Patties

Indo Jamaican Patties by Enda Love

A spicy blend of mushrooms and beef are packed inside a flaky pastry, making these appetizers hard to resist. The recipe is by Carol Nelson Brown of

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Hawaiian Chicken and Rice

Hawaiian Chicken and Rice by myra byanka

Easy prep chicken thighs baked in orange pineapple sauce. Serve over your favorite rice.

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Grilled Cuban Chicken

Grilled Cuban Chicken by RecipeKing

Grilled Cuban Chicken is an easy (1) hour total time recipe for a delicious entree for your summer grilling options. Marinated chicken breasts are grilled for only 15 minutes and served with a spicy salsa fresca. This is also a healthy, low calories, low fat, low sodium, low carbohydrates, Weight Watchers (7) PointsPlus recipe.

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Cuban-Style Stuffed Peppers

Cuban-Style Stuffed Peppers by RecipeKing

Cuban-Style Stuffed Peppers is an easy recipe for a spicy Cuban meal. Red bell peppers are stuffed with ground beef, rice, tomatoes, stuffed green olives, onion, rice, raisins and almonds. This is also a healthy, low calories, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, low carbohydrates, heart-healthy and Weight Watchers (5) PointsPlus…

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Spicy Cuban Ropa Vieja

Spicy Cuban Ropa Vieja by John Spottiswood

I wanted to serve a slightly more flavorful version of Ropa Vieja, the classic cuban beef dish, over black beans and rice for a friends' pre-christmas dinner. I paired it with a pork stew and both were hugely popular. I used tri-tip and it shredded wonderfully. This can be made with a cheaper, tougher piece of meat, but when Tri-tip…

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PINA COLADA banana ICE-CREAM - CURACAO inspired by Foodessa

Inspired by the Pina Colada drink: rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. Add some banana to liven up your taste buds in this delicious frozen treat. For a dedicated post...refer here:

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Easiest BBQ Taquera Chipolte Pork

Easiest BBQ Taquera Chipolte Pork by Cuban Cuisine

The best chipolte based marinade for BBQ's is Goya's Taquera Sauce. Marinade steak, pork, chicken or fish for perfect chipolte BBQ feast.

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No-Bake Mango Pie

No-Bake Mango Pie by RecipeKing

No-Bake Mango Pie is an easy recipe for a takeoff on the popular Cuban Mojito drink. It combines the flavors of lime and rum, using fresh squeezed lime juice and rum extract. A delicious, creamy pie with vibrant flavor. A possible Cinco De Mayo dessert option. It is also a healthy, low calories, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium,…

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Jamaican Pepperpot Soup

Jamaican Pepperpot Soup by RecipeKing

Jamaican Pepperpot Soup is usually a long-simmered preparation made with tough cuts of meat and vegetables. This version uses quick-cooking sirloin instead. It takes only 40 minutes to make from start to finish. This is a delicious creamy and spicy soup. Ingredients include: Onion, garlic, sweet potatoes, okra, scallions chile…

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Dutch West Indies Chicken Kebabs - Boka Dushi

Dutch West Indies Chicken Kebabs - Boka Dushi by John Spottiswood

This dish offers an amazing collage of flavors blending Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish and West African flavors. Personally, I prefer the marinade and dipping sauce on these kebabs to traditional Indonesian satay. The heavy sweetness of the Indonesian peanut sauce is replaced by a tangy, spicy and slightly sweet mixture of peanuts,…

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Fruity Salsa Picante

Fruity Salsa Picante by wyochef

This recipe has a nice balance of sweet fruit, smoke and heat. A great compliment to roasted or grilled chicken and also goes well with seafood.

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Mango and Red Pepper Salsa

Mango and Red Pepper Salsa by Hina Gujral

The natural sweetness and tanginess of a mango is bliss, no added flavors are required if mango is used in any curry or salad. Mango and Red Pepper Salsa is the medley of colors and flavors, in this hot weather it is an eye and palate soother. The bursting colors of this salsa is very much like the current colorful diagram shown in…

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Lime and mint Virgin Mojito

Lime and mint Virgin Mojito by Hina Gujral

Though traditionally Mojito is cocktail made out of rum, sugar, lime juice, mint and sparkling water but virgin mojito is a revamped mock-tail version of the classic cocktail.

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