Special Crispy Dinuguan

Special Crispy Dinuguan by ShaleeDP

I like this version of the pork dinuguan recipe. Very delish!

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New England Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder by arthur jimenez

Easy, creamy traditional clam chowder without hassle.

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Tuna Flakes Afritada

Tuna Flakes Afritada by ShaleeDP

Healthy and tasty recipe.

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Gumbo by Alicja Lombard

This is my “Polish” variation on Gumbo.

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Pangat na Sapsap

Pangat na Sapsap by ShaleeDP

Butterfish (Sapsap) is a salt water fish that tastes so good when stewed in vinegar and tomatoes. A native dish that Filipinos enjoy eating any season of the year.

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Malaysian Pork Stew with Garnishes

Malaysian Pork Stew with Garnishes by John Spottiswood

This recipe, which is adapted from the New York Times Cookbook, is just outstanding. It has a great combination of flavors that everyone in our family loved. These cuts of pork are so inexpensive, that this is a very economical meal despite the exotic flavors. The garnishes add another dimension, so don't skimp on them! We served…

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Braised Halibut with Tomato, Capers and Olives

Braised Halibut with Tomato, Capers and Olives by Janet Ciel

This is a Mediterranean seafood dish, which is impressive to serve and very low fat.

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Sumptuous Georgian Lamb Stew

Sumptuous Georgian Lamb Stew by John Spottiswood

Ohhhh this was yummy. Really, if you are at least tolerant of lamb, you should try this. And if you love lamb like I do, you are in for a huge treat. I could not get enough of the sauce in this stew. I love how the Georgian stews often have you blend up huge amounts of cilantro and basil and toss them in. It gives the stew an…

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Mediterranean Lamb Stew with tomato, mushroom and eggplant (Kokkinisto)

Mediterranean Lamb Stew with tomato, mushroom and eggplant (Kokkinisto) by John Spottiswood

I used to order a delicious lamb stew at the New Kappadokia restaurant in Redwood City, California. Then I had a not quite but close to equally delicious stew at a Greek restaurant in Palo Alto that was called Kokkinisto. I pieced this recipe together…

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Sausage and Chicken Gumbo - Northern Style

Sausage and Chicken Gumbo - Northern Style by Michael Montgomery

What do you know about Gumbo? Was the answer/question I received from a delivery guy, in response to what I was cheffin' up in the kitchen that day. Well plenty, I can't eat gumbo without recalling a little place in the back alley of the French Quarter. I remember that the gumbo was good, but more importantly - I remember the whole…

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Chicken (or Beef) Mechado

Chicken (or Beef) Mechado by ShaleeDP

A beef recipe that my grandma usually makes at home. I could not really make it the way she does, but I try :) Hope you like this version that I got from one of the many cooks that I read from.

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Amazing Lamb, Squash and Chickpea Stew

Amazing Lamb, Squash and Chickpea Stew by John Spottiswood

We served this fantastic dish over Memorial Day weekend with friends up in Point Reyes, California. The days were warm, but the evening turned chilly Saturday night, providing the perfect setting for a warm lamb stew. This stew is a wonderful mix of sweet, salty and spicy, vegetable, legume, and meat. The broth is thin, almost to he…

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Beef Paprikash

Beef Paprikash by kathy vegas

Take the winter chill off with this Hungarian style beef stew that features a generous amount of paprika. Paprika has more vitamin C by weight than lemon juice and is high in a number of antioxidants, welcome additions for fighting off the winter blahs (drinking the second half of the bottle of beer called for in this recipe won’t…

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Hearty Lamb and Haricot Bean Stew

Hearty Lamb and Haricot Bean Stew by Hungry Jenny

There really is nothing better than a hearty stew. I personally don't like my stews to be swimming completely in sauce but you can obviously add as much stock as you like.

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One Dish Seafood Stew

One Dish Seafood Stew by Adam Janowski

I’ve had Cioppino, which is the Italian version, and Bouillabaisse, which is the French version and below you will find my version of a seafood stew. I can’t drink alcohol so you will not find any white wine in mine, though you will find it in most Italian and French versions. It is up to you, but I think my recipe works really well…

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