Chef Groups are small communities of members who share knowledge, recipes, and ideas around an area of common interest.
Chinese Food Mavens

Chinese Food Mavens by Frank Fariello

A group dedicated to one of the world's greatest cuisines in all its wonderful regional variations.

180 members
387 recipes
Bloggers Who Cook

Bloggers Who Cook by The Enthusiastic Eater

If you blog about the food you cook, this group is for you! Promote your blog, get some tips, and find out what else is out there in the food…

177 members
2421 recipes
Cupcake Carnival

Cupcake Carnival by kathy gori

Recipes and pictures of these delightful little morsels!

175 members
126 recipes
Summer's Best Recipes

Summer's Best Recipes by Catherine Pappas

A Group dedicated to all of Summer's best dishes...light and refreshing...anything you would bring to a picnic or bbq is welcome here!

168 members
732 recipes
Quick and Easy Professional Recipes

Quick and Easy Professional Recipes by Elena Jimenez

We've selected the easiest recipes to prepare from award-winning professional chefs that have posted on our site. These are battle-tested recipes…

163 members
591 recipes
Comfort Food Classics

Comfort Food Classics by Patricia Stagich

All the best of comfort foods that we sometimes require!

152 members
1614 recipes
Slow Cooker / Crock Pot Recipes

Slow Cooker / Crock Pot Recipes by Lauren CoffeeMuffins

Slow Cooking is great for cooking tough cuts of meat, but it is also great for work nights. Not just old fashioned recipes, there are lots of modern…

147 members
275 recipes
Addicted To Food

Addicted To Food by Daniel Poon

If your a food addict then join our group!

146 members
1413 recipes
Football Groupies & Tailgate Huggers

Football Groupies & Tailgate Huggers by Drick Perry

Whether you're eating and munching on a sofa or in a parking lot - this group is all about foods we love while enjoying the sport of football. From…

143 members
960 recipes
Whole Grains

Whole Grains by Laura Tabacca

Cooking with or baking with predominantly whole grains

138 members
133 recipes