Chef Groups are small communities of members who share knowledge, recipes, and ideas around an area of common interest.
Pasta Lovers

Pasta Lovers by myra byanka

This is a site for pasta fans, and includes dishes from all over the world. Share your recipes for hot dishes, pasta salads, sauces, condiments, or…

72 members
334 recipes

Vegetables by myra byanka

This group is for vegetable dishes as a main course, side dish, or appetizer.

72 members
603 recipes
Mexican Food

Mexican Food by Spicie Foodie

A range of Mexican dishes, authentic and typical recipes, Tex-Mex versions, and Mexican influenced dishes.

72 members
214 recipes
Recipes from the Grill

Recipes from the Grill by Jason Adams

Recipes cooked on the grill, whether it is beef, pork, vegetables, or tofu, it is all good here.

71 members
352 recipes

Antipasto by Gone

Italian antipasto dishes.

70 members
57 recipes
Yeast Bakers

Yeast Bakers by Roxana GreenGirl

A group only for yeast baked goods : bread, sweet or savory, if the oven is turned on share the recipe with me.

70 members
83 recipes
Healthy Snacks for Kids

Healthy Snacks for Kids by judee

Let's start sharing some healthy snack ideas and recipes for kids of all ages using fruits, vegetables, and other real food that provides taste and…

69 members
347 recipes
Spicy food club

Spicy food club by Esme Vos

If you like spicy food, join us. Peruvian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Mexican, Malaysian, Singaporean, Pakistani . . .

69 members
323 recipes
Salads and Salad Dressings

Salads and Salad Dressings by myra byanka

This site is for salads - green, veggie, fruit, meat, poultry, tuna, pasta, grains, etc., and salad dressings.

68 members
610 recipes

BBQ by Mr. BBQ

BBQing..anything and everything

68 members
405 recipes