Chef Groups are small communities of members who share knowledge, recipes, and ideas around an area of common interest.
Roman Nights

Roman Nights by Mihir Shah

Remember the first time your had dinner in Rome? I do - an amazing small restaurant near the American embassy, Tuscan red flowing from carafs, and a…

122 members
617 recipes
Vegetarian Diversity

Vegetarian Diversity by Lisa Armour

Eager to share and get recipes that incorporate non-meat proteins and fresh, robust flavors.

121 members
931 recipes
Potluck Parties

Potluck Parties by Veronica Gantley

Welcome to the potluck party! With this group anything goes. If you would take it to a potluck then you can share it here. Let the party begin!

120 members
1157 recipes
Everyday meals

Everyday meals by redkathy

The focus of this group is savory, easy to prepare dishes comprised of common pantry ingredients. Delectable dishes don't always require elaborate or…

118 members
2233 recipes
Healthy Eating Initiative

Healthy Eating Initiative by Corey Irwin

Come join us & find support, motivation, & tips for eating & preparing healthy, tasty, satisfying, energizing foods which will make you feel…

116 members
858 recipes
Sunday Supper

Sunday Supper by Patricia Stagich

Great recipes every week to bring back Sunday Supper!

115 members
889 recipes
everything goes good with GARLIC

everything goes good with GARLIC by Gene Sakahara and Sam Bozzo

this group is for anyone and everyone who as passionate about garlic as we are.

115 members
674 recipes
Cajun and Creole Kitchen

Cajun and Creole Kitchen by Ryan Boudreaux

Cajun and Creole flavors, ingredients, recipes from Louisiana and the world.

113 members
214 recipes
Gluten Free

Gluten Free by Sharon A. Kane

Recipes and cooking styles for people who must live gluten free as well as dairy, egg, yeast and soy free!…

109 members
621 recipes
Vegetarian Delights

Vegetarian Delights by sudesh choubey

This group is for those who love spicy but veg Asian food (specially Indian).

109 members
794 recipes