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Eat To Live!

Eat To Live! by John Spottiswood

This group is inspired by Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. The group features great recipes based primarily on vegetables, legumes (beans, peas &…

458 members
1749 recipes
Vegetarian Diversity

Vegetarian Diversity by Lisa Armour

Eager to share and get recipes that incorporate non-meat proteins and fresh, robust flavors.

121 members
931 recipes
Vegetarian Delights

Vegetarian Delights by sudesh choubey

This group is for those who love spicy but veg Asian food (specially Indian).

109 members
794 recipes
Easily Made Vegetarian

Easily Made Vegetarian by Laura Tabacca

I don't know about you, but as a flexitarian I have tons of recipes that are easily made vegetarian even if I choose not to. They deserve a group…

62 members
332 recipes
Veggie Paradise

Veggie Paradise by Aruna Manikandan

Food for Health is good for Health

54 members
333 recipes
Delicious Indian Halwa’s

Delicious Indian Halwa’s by Chef Vicky

All Authentic Recipe's of Indian Halwa (A Yummy dessert).

12 members
2 recipes
philippines culinary

philippines culinary by edna marie tumogsok

a culinary group for young individuals in the philippines....the group includes college students..

4 members
0 recipes
Mismatched Meal Mates

Mismatched Meal Mates by Jennifer Jevons

Share your favorite recipes that you and your mismatched meal mate both love.

4 members
9 recipes
food lovers

food lovers by Preeti garg

we know, everyone like food, so its only for who love eat food, cook food and share food.........foodiees

1 member
0 recipes
EastAfrican_Eritrean Cuisine

EastAfrican_Eritrean Cuisine by

Home made Veggie-Burger

1 member
0 recipes