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Chef Groups are small communities of members who share knowledge, recipes, and ideas around an area of common interest.
Authentic Italian Cooking

Authentic Italian Cooking by Frank Fariello

A group featuring a carefully curated collection of authentic Italian recipes and techniques. No imitations or adulterations! Includes original…

858 members
535 recipes
Whats' Cookin' Italian Cuisine

Whats' Cookin' Italian Cuisine by Claudia lamascolo

A culinary experience for all kinds of wonderful newly created and also traditional old fashioned cooking. Together lets see what great dishes are…

1877 members
2807 recipes
Tips and Helpful hints!

Tips and Helpful hints! by Claudia lamascolo

A group that will help everyone make cooking a little easier. If you have a hint or tip that makes a quicker faster way to get our foods looking…

2017 members
1980 recipes
Chicken/Poultry Recipes Only

Chicken/Poultry Recipes Only by Claudia lamascolo

A group that is dedicated to just poultry recipes, using turkey, chicken, duck etc.

1858 members
1408 recipes
Eat To Live!

Eat To Live! by John Spottiswood

This group is inspired by Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. The group features great recipes based primarily on vegetables, legumes (beans, peas &…

458 members
1747 recipes
Enjoying Multi cuisines

Enjoying Multi cuisines by Manju Nair

I've travelled a lot and I enjoy different cuisines, Indian, Mediterranean, American, Italian, Mexican to name a few!!! I want to share my recipes…

30 members
262 recipes
Stews, Bogs & Burgoos

Stews, Bogs & Burgoos by John Spottiswood

This group is for those who celebrate the great American tradition of stewing and slow cooking! Stews, bogs, burgoos, chilies, posoles, cioppinos and…

64 members
166 recipes
luscious FROZEN decadent DESSERTs

luscious FROZEN decadent DESSERTs by Foodessa

Are you an absolute nut for creamy luscious frozen treats? If you are smiling right now...well, then, this group is for you! Ice Cream -- Gelato…

845 members
161 recipes
Mushroom Lovers

Mushroom Lovers by O.S.

Groups for all those who love mushrooms

88 members
116 recipes
ICE CREAM frenzy

ICE CREAM frenzy by Foodessa

Frozen treat all year round...screaming to be shared. Creativity through textures and flavours are found right here through these fabulously…

838 members
124 recipes