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Chef Groups are small communities of members who share knowledge, recipes, and ideas around an area of common interest.
Bloggers Who Cook

Bloggers Who Cook by The Enthusiastic Eater

If you blog about the food you cook, this group is for you! Promote your blog, get some tips, and find out what else is out there in the food…

177 members
2428 recipes
Made from Scratch

Made from Scratch by myra byanka

This group is for recipes of any kind that are made from scratch. Homemade rocks!

79 members
1169 recipes
Have a growing family to Feed Daily?

Have a growing family to Feed Daily? by "Cheffie Cooks"

Feeding a large family a variety menu is a lot of work and at the same time very enjoyable. If you too feed a family daily you'll enjoy these easy,…

2 members
284 recipes
Summer's Best Recipes

Summer's Best Recipes by Catherine Pappas

A Group dedicated to all of Summer's best dishes...light and refreshing...anything you would bring to a picnic or bbq is welcome here!

169 members
736 recipes
The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind by Robyn Savoie

Whether you prefer a café au lait or a pekoe drinker, you're part of the daily grind. It doesn't matter if you like coffee or tea, iced or hot,…

30 members
611 recipes
Budget Cooking

Budget Cooking by Wendi Taylor

I love to cook with fresh, healthy ingredients. But I also live in the real world, and sometimes we all need those quick, easy, processed-food-laden,…

52 members
851 recipes
Sunday Supper

Sunday Supper by Patricia Stagich

Great recipes every week to bring back Sunday Supper!

115 members
889 recipes


Indulge in pleasurable delicacies and delightful TREATS. Share favourite DESSERTS that satisfies your SWEET tooth and tickles your tummy!

882 members
1321 recipes
Desserts We Must Try

Desserts We Must Try by Claudia lamascolo

We need a group of your favorite all time desserts. This group wants special over the top desserts, pies and chocolate decadent desserts that are…

1773 members
846 recipes
Quick and Easy Professional Recipes

Quick and Easy Professional Recipes by Elena Jimenez

We've selected the easiest recipes to prepare from award-winning professional chefs that have posted on our site. These are battle-tested recipes…

163 members
593 recipes