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Chef Groups are small communities of members who share knowledge, recipes, and ideas around an area of common interest.
NuWave Oven Users

NuWave Oven Users by Linda Cantwell

This is a group dedicated to the use of the NuWave Oven. Recipes and tips and questions may be shared here for the benefit of all users of this great…

534 members
48 recipes



206 members
512 recipes
Vegetarian Delights

Vegetarian Delights by sudesh choubey

This group is for those who love spicy but veg Asian food (specially Indian).

109 members
794 recipes
Gluten Sugar Dairy Yeast & Artifical FREE!

Gluten Sugar Dairy Yeast & Artifical FREE! by Gluten Free Mommy

We are on a journey to find the best recipes for our family...forced by a Tourettes diagnosis in our 6 year old son 2 months ago...we have decided to…

47 members
27 recipes
Mama Mungo's Soup Kitchen

Mama Mungo's Soup Kitchen by Norine Mungo

While growing up, my mother always served food she ate during the depression on Thursdays. She called it Poor Thursday. She taught us how to make…

27 members
24 recipes
Step Into My Kitchen And Sit a While

Step Into My Kitchen And Sit a While by charlene sherman

I love sharing my love for food ,I have had a love affair with food forever,simple healthy clean eating is a lifestyle not a diet ,the right seasoning…

22 members
259 recipes
Pickles and Preserves

Pickles and Preserves by Peter Brown

any recipe for Pickled food or preserved food . From Meat to Fruit .Any information on processes etc

20 members
24 recipes
liquid perfection (cocktails)

liquid perfection (cocktails) by nicholas clare

cocktails for any occasion

16 members
9 recipes
Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Cuisine by Amos Miller

For all who have experienced the magnificent repetoire of the Moroccan kitchen, by cookbook, travel or a restaurant in your country. Marhaba!

14 members
20 recipes
Canning is Fun

Canning is Fun by J. Gino Genovesi

For those who can foods and would like to share their ideas. Canning is a great way to preserve foods.

12 members
80 recipes