Simple Breakfast Quiche

Simple Breakfast Quiche by Susan

Enjoy a simple breakfast quiche! You may add variations of ingredients to suit your likings!

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Russian omelet

Russian omelet by Pavel Nartov

It's very fast and delicious recipe

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Chile Rellenos Soufflé

Chile Rellenos Soufflé by Salad Foodie

If you're craving a chile relleno fix, give this light south-of-the-border layered soufflé a try. I looked at several recipes then came up with my own combination and it fits my need for a guilt-free alternative. To save time use canned whole green chiles, or char your fresh garden ones if desired. One batch makes 4 generous-size…

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Border Benedicts

Border Benedicts by michelle perez

This amazing breakfast offers a terrific balance of carbs, protein, and fat. We skipped the traditional hollindaise in favor of fresh avocado and salsa. It's quick, easy and makes for a gorgeous presentation. Fantastico!

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Paciencias, Castilian cookies

Paciencias, Castilian cookies by Guest of winter

Paciencias are small round crispy cookies typical from various parts of Castilla, the central part of Spain.

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No Crust - Bacon, Cheese and Broccoli Quiche

No Crust - Bacon, Cheese and Broccoli Quiche by Catherine Pappas

This is a nice light lunch or simple dinner with a side salad. Enjoy with Love, Catherine xo

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Make Ahead Breakfast Egg Muffins

Make Ahead Breakfast Egg Muffins by TobeNourished

These little "muffins" are adapted from a Clean Eating Recipe, this recipe is for 30 egg muffins, make ahead for the week! You can mix and match your favorite veggies...These are perfect for a healthy on the go breakfast and the ingredients pack a healthy punch of morning nutrition!

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German Pancakes

German Pancakes by lhuffman

My best friend's mother would make this for us for breakfast when I would spend the night. I loved it then and still love it now. It is easy and a kid-friendly breakfast. I serve it with fresh lemon juice and powered sugar or jams or syrups or even peanut butter. Fresh fruit and bacon or sausage also compliments it.

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Egg Fusion

Egg Fusion by erin de martini

Only have one pan? Then this is the recipe for you! It's basically eggs and potatoes all mixed together. You could easily scoop this into a tortilla and make it a breakfast burrito by adding a sprinkle of cheese and sliced avocados.

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Passionfruit Curd

Passionfruit Curd by Matthew Crabbe

This is a butter cream curd with a passionfruit flavor. It goes with well with toasted brioche, may be served with fruit or as accompaniment for cakes.

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Simple, Tasty and Skinny, Egg Salad Sandwich

Simple, Tasty and Skinny, Egg Salad Sandwich by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

Perfect to make with leftover eggs...There are dozens of ways to make egg salad but this one is my favorite! I’ve made it skinny by using a combination of eggs and whites, light mayonnaise and adding lots of flavor with the addition of mustard, relish and yes, a pinch of curry powder. Don’t be scared off by the curry powder. It’s…

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Deviled Egg Variations with Foolproof Hardboiled Eggs Instructions

Deviled Egg Variations with Foolproof Hardboiled Eggs Instructions by myra byanka

Stop turning failed hardboiled eggs into egg salad, although egg salad can be wonderful. There are several ways to hardboil eggs, but the method suggested below works well. (What causes the green tint to the edge of the yolks is boiling the eggs…

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Butter Crisps Nuwave Oven

Butter Crisps Nuwave Oven by Wendy Jarvis

This is a great recipe around Christmas or anytime! Recipe for your Nuwave Ovens.

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Creamy Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Creamy Hollandaise Sauce Recipe by Pamela Orbin

Learn how to make a quick and easy hollandaise sauce.

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Bernice's Vegetable Dip

Bernice's Vegetable Dip by Micheline

An excellent, creamy, tangy, zippy dip to serve with fresh vegetables.

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