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Maple syrup Kahlua Chocolate truffles

Maple syrup Kahlua Chocolate truffles by Foodessa

A lighter version in part due to eliminating the fat laden heavy cream. Evaporated milk completely succeeded in turning this confectionery into smooth and slightly guilt-free bliss. For a dedicated post…refer to:

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Almonds roasted (SPICE savoury-sweet) flavoured

Almonds roasted (SPICE savoury-sweet) flavoured by Foodessa

Egg white based, sweet and salty and spiced roasted almonds serve as a perfect snack. For a dedicated post...please refer here:

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Hot Date Ladhus

Hot Date Ladhus by Victoria Alara Alcoset

A natural sugars dessert, with fat and crunch! Eat in tiny quantities...

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quick LIMONCELLO light - Version-2

quick LIMONCELLO light - Version-2 by Foodessa

I was determined to make my light, lemon-scented liquor in a shorter period of time. Success...Another Super simple and even lighter (less sweet) version. The complete process works out to 21 as opposed to 45 days. Honestly, the difference is only detected if you are a die-hard Limoncello connoisseur. For a dedicated…

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Almond Cinnamon cookies

Almond Cinnamon cookies by Foodessa

Middle Eastern inspired. Aromatic spice mellowed within an embrace of Almond goodness. A tender inside protected by a pleasant outer crunch. No electric beater required. For a detailed post...refer to:

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