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DIY Muesli Recipe

DIY Muesli Recipe by shevon

When the weather is hot, I like to eat Muesli instead of cooked oatmeal. Homemade Muesli is very simple to make. You really don't need a recipe. You can use pretty much whatever dry fruit and nuts you like or have on hand to raw oatmeal. Dried dates and chopped pecans are a delicious combo. Add Chia, flax and hemp seeds for a…

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Valentine's Day Almond Fudge Recipe.

Valentine's Day Almond Fudge Recipe. by shevon

Happy Valentine's Day! Or Happy Love Day whatever you prefer. Today I'm going to show the special people and the not so special people in my life I care about them. I know we are only sold the image of Valentine's Day for romantic relationships, but I want to broaden that image. It can really suck and be a painful day for the…

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Raw Brownies (Brownie Makeover Part 1)

Raw Brownies (Brownie Makeover Part 1) by shevon

A friend of mine from my ceramic studio whom shares my love of preparing and eating good healthy food, invited me to a cookbook signing and raw food demonstration last summer. I feel in love with the cookbook images and the food that was prepared that day. Here it is.This Raw Brownie recipe is adapted from the cookbook Going Raw by…

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Chicken Bourguignon

Chicken Bourguignon by shevon

PagesChicken BourguignonThis dish was inspired by a Beef Bourguignon recipe I saw prepared on a show cooking show called Let's Dish on the Live Well network. I decided then it would be cool to make a chicken version of this, not knowing that it all ready existed. Chicken is usually paired with white wine not red but I still felt…

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Moist Banana Coconut Lime Cake

Moist Banana Coconut Lime Cake by shevon

I know it's been awhile since my last post. I've been spending my free time just cleaning up my apt, organizing, and thinking. I got some good books from the library, so I've been reading and taking a well needed computer break. The weather cooled down a bit last night so it was a perfect opportunity to bake!I love coconut and I…

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Portobello Pizza Recipe

Portobello Pizza Recipe by shevon

I haven't always been a fan eating mushrooms. I love the diversity in shapes and sizes, but looking at a mushroom doesn't make me hungry. I would rather study and sketch them. Right now I'm more open to eating mushrooms especially if there are health benefits to consuming mushrooms. I don't mine the texture of Portobello…

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Teff Sourdough Waffles

Teff Sourdough Waffles by shevon

(Use 1 tablespoon flaxseeds plus 3 tablespoon water. Finely grind whole flaxseeds in coffee or spice grinder. Transfer ground flaxseeds to a bowl add water and whisk with a fork until it becomes gelatinous sort of like egg whites)Directions:To make the overnight sponge, combine the flours, sugar, water and sourdough starter in a…

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I love Agave Ginger Cashews

I love Agave Ginger Cashews by shevon

Happy Valentines Days. Here's a special treat I know you will love . That's if you can eat cashews and like the taste of ginger.These are so good! Organic Roasted Agave Ginger Cashews made by Tierra Farm. This product is not too sweet and has a very light ginger flavor. The cashews are dry roasted so you get that nice crunch in…

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Strawberry Mango filled birthday cake with Whipped Cream Frosting

Strawberry Mango filled birthday cake with Whipped Cream Frosting by shevon

I made this cake for my dad's birthday. I use one of my favorite ultra rich cake recipes from Martha The filling I just made up. I combined chopped fresh strawberries, mango puree, meyer lemon juice, sugar and cornstarch to create this…

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Yeast Free Bread using liquid levain!

Yeast Free Bread using liquid levain! by shevon

This is my first loaf using my friends starter I told you about today. The bread is still pretty hot so I'll wait to slice it tomorrow.It came out well and rose nicely I didn't really use a recipe. I added about 3/4 cup of the starter, around 3 cups of bread flour, a little over a cup of water and teaspoon of salt.Here's the…

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