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Palak Anda Curry

Palak Anda Curry by Hina Gujral

What a delicious, blissful Palak Anda Curry Recipe we’ve got going on, and just in time for the upcoming icy-cold winter days. The rustic spinach curry combined with boiled eggs is the answer to the question ‘What could be an alternative to traditional egg curry?’

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Senate Bean Soup

Senate Bean Soup by Salad Foodie

U.S. Senate Bean Soup is served in the dining room of the United States Senate every day in a tradition that dates back to the early 20th century. The basic recipe is made of navy beans, ham hocks and onions, but variations abound. This version is typical, with the addition of potato, celery and garlic. Serve with a slice of corn…

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Thai Style Chicken and Penne with Broccoli

Thai Style Chicken and Penne with Broccoli by Smokinhotchef

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Quick and Easy Chicken Apple Salad

Quick and Easy Chicken Apple Salad by Salad Foodie

When time is short this main dish salad is a cinch, and ingredients are often right in the fridge and pantry. Full of crunch and goodness, this one's perfect for summertime....or anytime. The ranges of dressing ingredients give you leeway to adjust it to your tastes.

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Chicken Tender Rollups with Bacon Wrap

Chicken Tender Rollups with Bacon Wrap by Salad Foodie

The basic version of this recipe abounds on the Internet, using boneless chicken breasts and gouda cheese. I tweaked it to use what I had on hand, and that was chicken tenders. The resulting rollups are smaller, almost luncheon size, and you can use the cheese you prefer if no gouda's available - Swiss, cheddar, jack, mozzarella.…

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