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Crunchy Chicken Rice Casserole

Crunchy Chicken Rice Casserole by Salad Foodie

Putting leftovers together with pantry and fridge basics one evening I came up with this family pleaser. Water chestnuts and almonds provide the crunch. A green veggie side and/or tossed salad round out this weeknight dinner perfectly.

1 vote
Tuscan Chicken with Peppers and Pasta

Tuscan Chicken with Peppers and Pasta by Salad Foodie

This skillet meal makes a healthy stovetop supper and won't heat up the kitchen doing so.

1 vote
Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala by John Elder

Quick and easy Chciken Marsala Viddeo here:

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Chicken schnitzel with lemon and pepper

Chicken schnitzel with lemon and pepper by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Tender chicken schnitzels are smothered in deliciously smooth, zesty and peppery sauce.

3 votes
Quick and Easy Chicken Apple Salad

Quick and Easy Chicken Apple Salad by Salad Foodie

When time is short this main dish salad is a cinch, and ingredients are often right in the fridge and pantry. Full of crunch and goodness, this one's perfect for summertime....or anytime. The ranges of dressing ingredients give you leeway to adjust it to your tastes.

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