Locavore Squash & Italian Meatball Stir-Fry

Locavore Squash & Italian Meatball Stir-Fry by Sherri Williams

There is nothing better than wonderful summer veggies from my local farmer's market. Our small but wonderful farmer's market in Crestview Florida has such great veggies, fruits and other homemade goodies to offer our community.This quick and easy Italian recipe will be ready in no time. It's simply delicious!

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Spicy Thai Vegetables

Spicy Thai Vegetables by GrillKing

This is a quick and easy spicy side dish that goes great with chicken, steak or fish.

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Vegetarian Asian Noodles

Vegetarian Asian Noodles by Keely Locke

You can add tofu, chicken, pork or shrimp to this dish, as well as any of your favorite veggies. You can substitute peanut butter or almond butter for the tahini, and if you want a spicier dish, you can add more chili-garlic sauce. For a more authentic dish, you can use Chinese egg noodles, udon, soba or dried or fresh ramen noodles.

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Healthy Veggie Fajitas

Healthy Veggie Fajitas by Lyndsey

This is one of those dishes I like to just whip up for dinner. It's kind of like a Mexican stir fry. You can add meat if you want to. I usually useingredients I have on hand. Serve with black beans for a healthy, high protein meal.

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Cabbage Stir Fry

Cabbage Stir Fry by Nancy Miyasaki

This is a wonderful dish with light but complex flavors. We typically serve this along with another dish as part of a Chinese style meal.

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Chicken and Veggies Stir Fry, Low Calorie and Super Yummy

Chicken and Veggies Stir Fry, Low Calorie and Super Yummy by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

Stir frys make a terrific weeknight dinner since they come together really quickly and can be made healthy too. This skinny one is chock full of broccoli, pea pods, carrots, cabbage, onions and lean chicken breasts. The skinny for 1 huge, fiber rich serving, 264 calories, 6 grams of fat and 7 Weight Watchers POINTS PLUS.

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Eggplant Szechuan-style

Eggplant Szechuan-style by Amos Miller

Year of the Rooster ! A most Happy and Prosperous and Fortunate New Year to all my Chinese friends! Many years ago - too many - I got a recipe from Chef Rose Cheng that set the basis for this dish. I have always come to this dish for a mid-winter spark. I love eggplant - in all it's manifestations. This dish is one of my…

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Easy Chinese Asparagus and Beef

Easy Chinese Asparagus and Beef by John Spottiswood

This is so easy to make that I'm almost embarrassed to put it on. However, my Chinese friend Joyce said "I could eat this every night!" when she tasted it, and I almost agree. It has a great classic Chinese flavor. Nothing fancy, but lots to like all the same!

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Stir-fried curry green beans with black eyed peas

Stir-fried curry green beans with black eyed peas by John Spottiswood

I love it when I stumble on a recipe that puts together ingredients I love, but wouldn't have thought of combining, and then far exceeds my expectations. This recipe, which I adapted from a new book we bought called Tangy, Tart, Hot & Sweet by Padma Lakshimi, really shines. She encourages the use of chinese long beans instead of…

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Four Angled Beans And Tempeh Stir Fried

Four Angled Beans And Tempeh Stir Fried by Navaneetham Krishnan

A healthy side dish for rice.

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Squash In A Spice Paste Done Pronto!

Squash In A Spice Paste Done Pronto! by kathy gori

This has been one hell of a week, one of those 7 day stretches that includes everything on lifes' smorgey...except dental. Of course the week's not over yet. It's been a week of some nerves, some loss, some traveling, some stress and the general sense of just being unable to catch up. That said, I can't wait for Monday to start the…

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Pork Peanut Noodle Salad

Pork Peanut Noodle Salad by Samantha Meiklejohn

Yummy combination of flavours going on in this dish. Texture sensation too with crunchy vegies and squishy noodles. Nice way to use pork mince also! I like it alot!

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Kilawin Labanos (Pickled Raddish)

Kilawin Labanos (Pickled Raddish) by ShaleeDP

This is one exotic salad recipe created by the older generation. It is commonly paired with friend fish or meat.

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Snow Peas with Garlic and Sesame Seeds

Snow Peas with Garlic and Sesame Seeds by Salad Foodie

Snow peas aren’t white, so how do they come by their name? It might be because they grow at the end of winter, before the last spring freeze. Even if covered with snow at that time they still grow well. Snow peas cook in a flash, so the wok is ideal to get this legume to the table still crunchy and firm. Stirfry with garlic then top…

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Ginisang Baguio Beans (Stir Fry Green Beans)

Ginisang Baguio Beans (Stir Fry Green Beans) by ShaleeDP

A nice everyday side dish that i like.

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