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Sweet Autumn Polenta

Sweet Autumn Polenta by Pattie Meegan

Happy Friday All!I am SO happy to be back for this week's Foodie Friday. I've missed my favorite party!This is a VERY special Friday for us. This is our first week back to blogging after my surgery and it's been spectacular. We have a fabulous giveaway to celebrate (click on the giveaway link under our header to enter!) AND we're…

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Chestnut/ Hazelnut Tagliatelle

Chestnut/ Hazelnut Tagliatelle by Pattie Meegan

In Italy the Fall, is the time of the nut harvest. Chestnuts, which we always serve roasted for the holidays, are also ground into a meal or flour and used to flavor many dishes. This pasta can be made with either the flour or cooked chestnuts ground finely. Today I used a mixture of hazelnut and chestnut flours. I dressed it simply…

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Torrone by Pattie Meegan

This week is the Festival of Torrone ( La Festa del Torrone) being celebrated in various cities with the most well-known celebration going on in Cremona/Milan. Torrone is a delicious nougat traditionally made with almonds, but also commonly done with pistachios and hazelnuts. I make a batch of Torrone once a year and we enjoy…

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Torta Della Nonna (Italian Cream Pie)

Torta Della Nonna (Italian Cream Pie) by Pattie Meegan

Oh my gosh! I don't even know where to start.First of all, I want to sayTHANK YOUAnd to celebrate our return...drum roll please..................CSN Stores is sponsoring a giveaway right here at Bramasole!!!!I LOVE CSNStores!!! With the holidays around the corner, you can find anything from a beautiful leather briefcase to amazing…

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Pumpkin Pillows

Pumpkin Pillows by Pattie Meegan

These little treats are filled with a sweet, creamy, spiced pumpkin mixture and chocolate chips. They can be put together in almost no time if you have the puff pastry on hand and are SO good served warm

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Mini Apple Crumb Cakes

Mini Apple Crumb Cakes by Pattie Meegan

A yummy Autumn apple treat! I use a mini cheesecake pan for this (the kind with the pop out bottoms), but it could easily be adapted to a mini muffin pan

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Pasta con Lenticchie (Pasta with Lentil Sauce)

Pasta con Lenticchie (Pasta with Lentil Sauce) by Pattie Meegan

Happy Monday!It's Meatless Monday ! This will actually be my last post this week as surgery is tomorrow.This has taken quite a toll on my energy level and I am really looking forward to feeling myself again.Since I really needed something comforting today (I'm a big wimp and admit to being a little scared), I decided on a dish that my…

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Avgolemono and Nut Wedges

Avgolemono and Nut Wedges by Pattie Meegan

Hi All!So sorry for missing yesterday- I MUST have had a bad day to miss Foodie Friday!Surgery is Tuesday and it appears there's a tiny glitch. An abnormal test result now has everyone scrambling to get some more testing in before the pacemaker is implanted. MRIs are problematic afterward :)One of my former clients and a dear friend…

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Lemon Curd Sandwich Cookies

Lemon Curd Sandwich Cookies by Pattie Meegan

My children also love these lovely little cookies with a buttercream filling, but today I used a Lemon Curd adapted from Epicurious. These can be rich, so keep them small

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Autumn Stuffed Bread and a Salmon Pie

Autumn Stuffed Bread and a Salmon Pie by Pattie Meegan

Whew!! What a week!My husband is rolling his eyes at me, but I can't help it. If I'm going to be "cooking- restricted" for a while, I need to get in as much as I can now!Actually, I'm trying to use up anything that might spoil and have a few things around for drop-in guests :)First up- a Salmon Leek Pie adapted from an old Gourmet…

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