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Cabbage Roll Casserole

Cabbage Roll Casserole by Claudia lamascolo

These are an unstuffed deconstructed version. Being a busy working girl I need something easy. Throw this is the crockpot and slow cook all day. Or you can bake and even do on top of stove. Easier than stuffing them!

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Father's Day Recipe Roundup

Father's Day Recipe Roundup by Claudia lamascolo

Although Dad is gone I still make his favorite recipes in his memory. Here is his picks for Father's Day.

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Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken

Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken by Claudia lamascolo

The easiest and healthiest way I ever roasted a chicken in a bundt pan. Juicy, crispy and you're missing out if you don't try this I promise!

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Watermelon Fruit Bowl

Watermelon Fruit Bowl by Claudia lamascolo

Getting ready for the Holiday weekend and picnics? Here is the perfect festive ending to that meal!

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Rum Butter Banana Cake

Rum Butter Banana Cake by Claudia lamascolo

The easiest recipe starting off with a mix I ever made and so decadent no one will ever know it taste from scratch cake!

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