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Cabbage and lentil soup

Cabbage and lentil soup by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

One soup, two mighty ingredients and carefully selected roots and herbs, come together in a pressure cooker pot, in just 25 minutes.

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Lentil Stew

Lentil Stew by Salad Foodie

Chock full of vegetables this stew is satisfying and hearty. Lentils originated in the Middle East and are one of mankind's oldest foods. Unlike Esau I would not give up my birthright for a bowl of lentils and a bread loaf (Genesis 25:34) but this soup is well, stew-pendous! It's based on a recipe from The Daniel Plan Cookbook by…

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Soup with millet and carrot

Soup with millet and carrot by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

This is a deliciously healthy and vegetarian soup, easily thrown together.

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Umami soup with buckwheat and vegetables

Umami soup with buckwheat and vegetables by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

The richness of the soup comes from buckwheat groats, while soy sauce and ginger deepen the flavor.

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Cream of Vegetable Soup

Cream of Vegetable Soup by Salad Foodie

A good base comfort soup for the winter season. Cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic predominate, but you can rifle through the veggie bin and sub out others like spinach, zucchini, parsnips, etc. and you can increase or decrease the ratios of vegetables to your preference. About 9 cups of raw vegetables are needed. When…

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