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Barbecuing Meat the Sicilian Way

Barbecuing Meat the Sicilian Way by I Sicilian

Summer days are great barbecue days. Are American barbecuers spoiled? Having lived almost 40 years in the US of A, I include myself in this picture. For the average American household barbecuing with coals seems to be too much trouble. It seems that 63% of Americans prefer gas grilling over charcoal. It is just so much easier…

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Pizza Sauces

Pizza Sauces by I Sicilian

Stop the pizza delivery man, for ever! Unless… it’s being delivered directly from Sicily. I am sure that if you try this homemade pizza you will never buy into any impersonator again. Although most of us think of pizza as a round pie colored in red and white, pizza like pasta comes in different shapes, different thicknesses, with…

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Sicilian Cheese Cake/Cassata

Sicilian Cheese Cake/Cassata by I Sicilian

have eaten this cake since my earliest childhood recollections. All major occasions seem to call for this cake, a wedding, a funeral, major holidays, any Sunday...Any excuse to reach for this very rich dessert. The variation of this cake seems to be as varied as there are bakers in this world. This one is my adaptation! Less…

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