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Yummylicious Fried Potato Wedges

Yummylicious Fried Potato Wedges by MARIA LOURDES V. LIPARDO-AYUB

This is so tasty form of french fries with potato peel which is crispy after frying.

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Filipino Style Soft Cookies

Filipino Style Soft Cookies by MARIA LOURDES V. LIPARDO-AYUB

I love our native baked goods. Here's one of my favorite cookies which I successfully created a recipe. Please watch and subscribe to my YouTube cooking channel (Lipardo's Global Kitchen) for more recipes around the world and future raffle draws for giveaway prizes.

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Basil Pesto Spread

Basil Pesto Spread by Salad Foodie

Summer’s remaining basil harvest can become the makings of delicious pesto to serve on crackers or crusty bread. And it does freeze well too for uses into the fall season and beyond. Easy to make and very nutritious compared to many typical spreads.

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How to Build a Perfect Appetizer Board

How to Build a Perfect Appetizer Board by Claudia lamascolo

Suggestions for cheese, fruits and vegetables to build a wood board full of delicious appetizers

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Stuffed pumpkin – Baked vegetables

Stuffed pumpkin – Baked vegetables by Cooking Journey

Stuffed pumpkin with baked vegetables is beautiful and healthy meal. You can serve this pumpkin as a side dish or main dish for vegan dinner!

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