Awesome Pizza Dough

Awesome Pizza Dough by John Spottiswood

This recipe is adapted from one perfected at Greens restaurant in San Francisco. The crust is crunchy on the outside but also chewy. I think it's wonderful. I'm going on a pizza making journey and this is stop one. If you've never made your own pizza dough before, it's easy and fun. This recipe makes 2 12-inch crusts. More to…

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Perfect New York Style Pizza Dough

Perfect New York Style Pizza Dough by John Spottiswood

I have a friend, Pete Miller, who has become a pizza guru. He attended classes held by Tony Gemignani (pizza god), and has tried endless recipes at home. So I asked him for his ultimate pizza dough recipe and he gave me this. It's adapted from the book PIZZA by Diane Morgan and Tony Gemignani. The recipe in the book calls for…

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Muradabadi Moong Ki Dal - Yellow Moong Dal with Spices

Muradabadi Moong Ki Dal - Yellow Moong Dal with Spices by Hina Gujral

At my place, in every wedding Moradabad Dal has to be in the menu and there are special cooks who come from Moradabad to cook this delicacy. I don't know why my mother made it at home and at every wedding we all use to relish Muradabadi Dal. When I say it has to be in the wedding menu I mean to say in the starters menu, not main…

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Dal Makhani Recipe

Dal Makhani Recipe by Hina Gujral

Dal Makhani is the hearty, creamy, mildly flavored whole urad dal stew, it is the most common lentil dish cooked across the Northern province of India. Over the years Dal Makhani has become an inseparable part of Indian Cuisine, in the far west countries in midst of hot dogs and pancakes this brown lentil curry is recognized as the…

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Punjabi Sookhi Urad Dal Recipe

Punjabi Sookhi Urad Dal Recipe by Hina Gujral

Punjabi Sookhi Urad Dal Recipe is easy to make and delicious every day lentil dish. Lunch is a serious affair in any Sikh household. The menu for lunch is planned on the breakfast table while hogging on the stuff parathas. The moment first meal of the day is wrapped up pots and ladles are set in motion for lunch. The skilled house…

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Semolina Pizza Dough

Semolina Pizza Dough by Peter Miller

This is very similar to my NY Style Pizza Dough which John Spottiswood posted, but I think adding the Semolina dough gives it a little more texture and flavor. This is really good with tomato based pizzas.

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Pepperoni & Cashew Pizza

Pepperoni & Cashew Pizza by Peter Miller

This combination may sound strange, but it tastes wonderful! For that reason, because it's unusual and flavorful, this is always a hit at my pizza parties.

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Spaetzle by John Spottiswood

This is a simple and delicious recipe for Spaetzle. My friend Helmut normally does not add oil to his Spaetzle, but we did last night because it said to on the recipe on our Spaetzle maker. I think it helped make the dough slightly easier to work with and less sticky. Feel free to do without if you prefer.

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Pozole by Rocio Herbert

An authentic Mexican soup, hearty and delicious

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New York Style Mushroom & Pepperoni Pizza

New York Style Mushroom & Pepperoni Pizza by John Spottiswood

Use the New York Style Pizza Dough recipe referenced below with these ingredients for a great, kid friendly pizza. The key to great pizza is not too much sauce and not too much cheese, plus a modest amount of high quality ingredients. This New York pizza crust is so good that you don't want to drown it in too many toppings.…

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Fish Ball & Cabbage Fried Rice

Fish Ball & Cabbage Fried Rice by Navaneetham Krishnan

There's no big tacky words to describe this fried rice except that it's simple yet unforgettable.

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Rosemary Tomato Rice

Rosemary Tomato Rice by Navaneetham Krishnan

Its buttery, it’s mildly tangy and it’s good to goodness with the aroma or rosemary and garlic.

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Salmon Pulao Rice

Salmon Pulao Rice by Navaneetham Krishnan

It’s a wholemeal filling meal; salmon puloa rice paired with vegetable raita.

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Nasi Ulam (Steamed Rice with Asian Herbs)

Nasi Ulam (Steamed Rice with Asian Herbs) by Navaneetham Krishnan

It’s a fragrant rice dish with added variety and texture from fried fish and a little smear of sambal belacan for fiery oomph!!!!

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Exciting News!!!!

Exciting News!!!! by Dennis Kraus

* Home * About * About this blog * Lisa M. Ronco MS RD CDN Exciting News!!! We are pleased to announce our new additions to our website: We now have great recipes and meal plans designed for Sodium Reduced, Gluten Free and Diabetic Healthy needs. Our Sodium Reduced offers…

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