Mascarpone Cheesecake

Mascarpone Cheesecake by Deanna Martinez-Bey

This is my "famous" recipe for Mascarpone Cheesecake! It won second place in a "Taste of Italy" contest with Taste of Home magazine! This recipe was printed in the August/September 2008 magazine issue and has also appeared in 2 of their Annual recipe cookbooks for 2009.

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Sicilian Cheese Cake/Cassata

Sicilian Cheese Cake/Cassata by I Sicilian

have eaten this cake since my earliest childhood recollections. All major occasions seem to call for this cake, a wedding, a funeral, major holidays, any Sunday...Any excuse to reach for this very rich dessert. The variation of this cake seems to be as varied as there are bakers in this world. This one is my adaptation! Less…

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Bavarian Apple Torte

Bavarian Apple Torte by Salad Foodie

There are gazillions of recipes on the Internet for Bavarian apple cheese cake or torte, but most are sweeter than typical German pastries. I prefer this recipe posted several years ago by a lady from Germany as it makes me think I'm eating authentic German torte. It is certainly sweet, but not overly so, and not rich and heavy with…

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Vino Cotto (Vincotto) Cheesecake Bars

Vino Cotto (Vincotto) Cheesecake Bars by Deena Montillo

A light-textured cheesecake filling over an amazing almond flour crust!

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Tri-color & Tri-flavor Cheesecake`

Tri-color & Tri-flavor Cheesecake` by Vaishali Sharma

This time on India's Independence day, I decided to celebrate by baking a cheesecake in colors that represents the National Flag of India.The Orange (Saffron) stands for courage, sacrifice and the spirit of renunciation; the white, for purity and peace; the green for faith and fertility. This cheesecake not only has 3 colors but 3…

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No Bake Cheesecake with Homemade Strawberry Topping

No Bake Cheesecake with Homemade Strawberry Topping by For the Love of Italian Cooking

The hardest part about this no bake cheesecake is waiting 8 hours for it to set.

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Chocolate Mascarpone Delight

Chocolate Mascarpone Delight by Deena Montillo

A smooth rich chocolate, mascarpone crackled cheesecake in a crunchy, chocolate-lined shortbread crust. It's garnished with mascarpone and vino cotto (vincotto) whipped topping, drizzled with vino cotto and finished with grated dark chocolate.

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Pastiera Napoletana

Pastiera Napoletana by Ugo D'Orso

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Cheesecake with cranberries

Cheesecake with cranberries by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Sinfully delicious combination of sour nad sweet taste.

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Lemon Cotswold

Lemon Cotswold by JennyThomas

light cheesecake

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Apple Dulce de Leche Bavarian style cheesecake

Apple Dulce de Leche Bavarian style cheesecake by Foodessa

Inspired by Bavarian Apple tortes, Dulce de Leche and chocolate cookies stole the show. A rich and creamy smooth caramel blends in perfectly with its cookie base and cooked apples. For a dedicated post...refer here:

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Fig and Parmesan Cheesecake

Fig and Parmesan Cheesecake by Evelyn Scott

Special Equipment: 10-inch springform pan

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Sean's Lemon Cheesecake

Sean's Lemon Cheesecake by Guilt Free Cuisine by Fergyhun

This recipe has been in my husband's family in Ireland for years. He made it for me when we first met. I have since modified it to be very low fat, so that it has a light mousse-like texture, but it is still delicious.

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Chocolate Cheese Cake

Chocolate Cheese Cake by Meera

Yummy cheese cake with a Chocolate Ganache topping!!!

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Italian Cheesecake

Italian Cheesecake by Linda Oefelein

This recipe is an all time favorite of mine - it has been handed down for over 3 generations in my family - I've made some changes to it as time has gone by - but it is still mouth-watering and I know you will love it!

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