Whole Wheat Flax Yam Biscuits

Whole Wheat Flax Yam Biscuits by Monocot

A very Moist Slightly Sweet Biscuit. Goes Great with Chili and Stews

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Fun Amish Country Bread

Fun Amish Country Bread by Ben

Lard is a popular baking ingredient among the Amish and it is regaining popularity among home bakers as a cheap alternative to shortening. This Amish white bread is a great recipe for beginners and for people who are just learning to bake with lard. Yield: 2 loaves

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Spicy Beer and Cheese Bread

Spicy Beer and Cheese Bread by Monocot

This is the best Bread to go with Chili. If you dont have jalapenos, Use chili flakes or chili powder

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THe Beet Chocolate muffins Around

THe Beet Chocolate muffins Around by Monocot

A super Moist, Healthy Muffin that has Whole Wheat Goodness, Flax and the Main Thing. Beets! For all those Mom's out there. This is a great way to get your Kids to eat a bit healthier and they don't even know it.

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Candied Ginger Scones

Candied Ginger Scones by The Kitchen Magpie - Karlynn Johnston

These have been in the back of my mind for a while and I finally got around to making them. And I know I always say it, but really, these are my new favorite. I can say that because I only post my favorites, any recipe that isn’t worthy of the title “scone” is never posted. These are spicy with the ginger, crisp with the butter…

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Belle's Chocolate Chip Banana Bread :)

Belle's Chocolate Chip Banana Bread :) by Belle

All vegan, gluten free and kids rated it a 10!

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Hutterite White Buns

Hutterite White Buns by Carolyn Hofer

Recipe for 2 quarts white buns

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Beet Biscuits

Beet Biscuits by Monocot

Okay so I've been on a beet Spree. A lady at work bought me a bag full of beets the size of cabbages. Ive been eating them cold, I've been eating them hott, mashed, and more. So i started to think what I could make with them. Ive Done Beet muffins before. Brownies... Then I remembered Once I made sweet potato/yam Biscuits. Super Moist…

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gluten free toaster bread! ummmm toast :D

gluten free toaster bread! ummmm toast :D by Belle

I wanted an easy recipe for gluten free bread, something batter and bake that would come out hearty enough to slice thin and with stand the toaster. This is pretty good.

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Best Easy Banana Bread Ever

Best Easy Banana Bread Ever by Sarah

This Banana Bread takes only 15 minutes to prepare and tastes amazing!!!

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whole Wheat Flax Blueberry Scones

whole Wheat Flax Blueberry Scones by Monocot

Why Yes I am a dork. Thank you. I spend alot of time trying to make recipes that are Healthy but taste good and not like cardboard. This does not have any white flour in it.

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Mushroom Muffins

Mushroom Muffins by Ben

these go great with Scalloped Corned Beef Casserole Tomato Soup, Chicken, Celery or Asparagus Soup.

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Banana Muffins

Banana Muffins by Kristen Russell

I have never made there where they didn't turn out. Easy!!

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cheesy Biscuits

cheesy Biscuits by Monocot

A Nice Soft baking powder biscuit, with Cheese. Great to Serve with Chili or Meat sauce

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Poppy Seed Flat Bread

Poppy Seed Flat Bread by Monocot

2.5 Cups Flour 1 tsp quick rise yeast 1 tsp salt 1.5 tbsp sugar 1.5 tbsp virgin olive oil 1 cups warm water 1 tbsp milk 1/4 Poppy Seeds

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