Vada Pav Recipe

Vada Pav Recipe by Mary

Food on the go for the ever so busy Mumbaikar…a garma garam batata vada, which is the gram flour coated deep fried spiced mashed potato ball, sandwiched between slices of chutney slathered Mumbaiya style pav bread. Dubbed as the common man’s burger this one is available at every street corner, is super delicious and light on the…

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Blackchickpea Snack (Konda Kadalai Sundal)

Blackchickpea Snack (Konda Kadalai Sundal) by Sensibleveg

Looking for a super healthy snack, low in carbohydrate, high in protein, gluten free, filling, inspite of all these good things still tastes great. Then this one is a must try for you. If you are of a South Indian (South East Asian - South Indian) then this sundal is a no big deal and you would have tasted it so many times. If not do…

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Pick and shovel

Pick and shovel by Arturo Féliz-Camilo

Hello Everyone! The last few days have been full with exciting news. In the last post I shared some of those news and there’s already more to share! but I will share those news later, because after all, this is a place to eat and enjoy recipes! The famous “pick and shovel” (pico y pala) is one of those foods that became popular…

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Caponatina - Sicillian Summer Vegetable Medley

Caponatina - Sicillian Summer Vegetable Medley by Laura Pazzaglia

Caponatina is a lighter and easier version to make than its cousin Caponata – which requires frying three ingredients separately. With this recipe, you lightly brown all of the vegetables together and give them a quick spin in the pressure cooker for only four minutes! You can make a complete meal of this dish by serving it with…

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Silky Smooth Hummus with Edemame

Silky Smooth Hummus with Edemame by Karen Schuld

Tips for Making Silky Smooth Hummus: For extra flavor and nutrition, make your hummus with chickpeas that are soaked over night. Don’t just used the ingredient directly from a can. Here are some other tips for making a silky smooth hummus: 1. Cook your chickpeas in a pressure cooker for perfect flavor and consistency, You also…

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Homemade Salsa

Homemade Salsa by Veronica Gantley

This is a mild salsa. Keep in mind you can adjust this and make it hotter to suit you. In my twenties, I had no problem eating jalapeno peppers whole. Now that I am older, I can't hang like I used to. Now It would keep me up with heart burn and y'all who know me, when I don't get my beauty sleep I can get quite testy. So, all of y'all…

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Nutella Mix Up twists

Nutella Mix Up twists by Sana Zaman

Flavors and fillings: The beauty of this bread is that you can use any filling that you like, savory or sweet. In the savory category you may want to try herbs, spice mixes like zaatar, grated cheese or any other strong flavored savory filling that appeals to you. If you would rather try a sweet version, try cinnamon, coco powder,…

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Pongal with Tomato Chutney

Pongal with Tomato Chutney by anita mokashi

Pongal is the most delicious form of Khichdi with lots of peppers, cashwenuts and ghee

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pickled orka

pickled orka by annie

My neighbor gave me this recipe .I've already did this several times it is very easy I never canned anything or pickled anything .it was great .I took some to work the girls I work with ate it up and said this is way better than store bought can you bring more

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