Amazing Grilled Steakhouse Steak Tips

Amazing Grilled Steakhouse Steak Tips by Foodiewife

Have you ever heard of steak tips before? Well, neither had I,until I spotted this recipe on Cook's Country. Typically, steak tips come from the bottom sirloin, and that is where flap meat comes from. Bottom line, this is one of the best (truly) grilled steak recipes I've ever made or tasted! The marinade is packed full of flavor,…

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Cranberry Teriyaki Chicken

Cranberry Teriyaki Chicken by Patti Fisher

We wanted something fun and festive, so Cranberry Teriyaki Chicken fit the bill. A really easy marinade made with just three ingredients. The recipe makes plenty so Ken could have several chicken breasts and Patti could have her favorite chicken legs. Chef of the Future Coconut Curry seasoning added another delicious layer of sweet…

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Southwestern Mac & Cheese

Southwestern Mac & Cheese by Patti Fisher

Southwestern Mac & Cheese, we have to laugh, of all the recipes we get asked for from gourmet to down home, what we get the most requests for is macaroni and cheese. Our date night was coming up so I asked Ken what he was in the mood for thinking he would say steak or ribs. Nope, he wanted a creamy mac & cheese with a little flavor…

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Krabby Poppers

Krabby Poppers by Patti Fisher

Friends wanted a recipe for appetizers that were fancy and cheap, too. Everyone loves our different kinds of poppers. We’ve stuffed both sweet and jalapeno peppers with all kinds of fillings. Of course, they’re always wrapped with bacon. This time Patti stuffed pretty, sweet peppers with fake crab (aka Surimi, but you can use real…

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Pastrami Subs

Pastrami Subs by Patti Fisher

Pastrami Subs Go Tailgating, we love the pepper crust and they were so tender and juicy. Who says that camp cooking is boring? We took a corned beef brisket and did a heavy pepper crust then smoked it for 6 hours. When you smoke corned beef you’re making Pastrami and it’s good just on your plate or thin sliced for subs. Patti likes to…

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Lotta Cheese Cheese Burger

Lotta Cheese Cheese Burger by Patti Fisher

We got a complaint from some friends that when they go out for burgers the meat is paper thin and the cheese, if you can find any, is tasteless. We had no choice but to say “See you tomorrow, come hungry!” Everyone was happily stuffed and knew they were eating a cheese burger. They may be back again tomorrow. Not only was there 2…

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Indo Jamaican Patties

Indo Jamaican Patties by Enda Love

A spicy blend of mushrooms and beef are packed inside a flaky pastry, making these appetizers hard to resist. The recipe is by Carol Nelson Brown of

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The High Flyer Bick's Burger

The High Flyer Bick's Burger by Enda Love

This burger is piled high with creamy avocado slices, crunchy pickles, smoky bacon and a sweet pineapple ring that will take your burger's flavour to new heights this summer.

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Stampede Summer Sliders

Stampede Summer Sliders by Enda Love

Perfect for a barbecue party, these bite size burgers are loaded with toppings and garnished with an irresistible deep fried pickle! They may be small in size but they are sure to be a very big hit.

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Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Skewers

Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Skewers by Homemade & Yummy

Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Skewers are perfect for backyard BBQ feasts. Seasoned chunks of chicken along with veggies, are easy to make, and always a hit!!

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Grilled chicken and strawberry salad

Grilled chicken and strawberry salad by Enda Love

Strawberries are in season in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario through the summer. Local, just-picked strawberries make a welcome addition to a light lunch or supper in this no-fuss dish. Recipe courtesy of Walmart Live Better. For more summertime recipes or inspiration on how to incorporate fresh produce like strawberries into…

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Memphis Rub

Memphis Rub by Kevin Greggans

Awesome Dry Rub I received years ago from a friend who lives in Memphis. His family recipe. I had to swap my award winning chili recipe with him before he agreed to fork it over! :-) Great on Baby Back ribs and pork butt, but could work with beef as well. I like to cook low and slow in my smoker, but you could use just a well…

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These are quite similar to the beef kebabs that we get all around in India.But with a difference.Rice is not usually a staple ingredient in any red meat kebabs...but this one has rice and it tastes great.So these are sort of kebabs with a twist.These were a regular go to dish at my close friend's family parties or sometimes even just…

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Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Burger Dogs

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Burger Dogs by Patti Fisher

Sometimes we do a recipe just because it looks like fun, and this one was perfect for our 500th recipe on our new “Date Night Doins BBQ for Two” web site. (Almost 2 years old) This had everything we liked in a bacon cheeseburger, but with a fun twist. Ken put the cheese inside the burger, shaped it like a hot dog and wrapped it in…

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Smoked Lasagna Roll Ups

Smoked Lasagna Roll Ups by Patti Fisher

We wanted a hearty stick to your ribs dinner. Having our good friends Jim & Debbie over and they wanted a dinner with some of Ken’s smoked cheese. We’ve all enjoyed it as snacks on crackers and cheese sauce, but they wanted to try some of our cooking magic as an entrée. Patti thought her lasagna would put the cheeses to a delicious…

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