Easy Candied Pecans

Easy Candied Pecans by Salad Foodie

A snack for the gods! Sprinkle atop your favorite greens, blue cheese topped or chicken salad. For holiday entertaining leave the pecans in halves rather than chopping, and serve in a festive bowl.

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Sheet Pan Blueberry Muffin Tops

Sheet Pan Blueberry Muffin Tops by Culinary Envy

You won’t need any muffin top pans for these quick and easy Sheet Pan Blueberry Muffin Tops. You use a baking sheet to get the best part of these scrumptiously moist breakfast muffins that are bursting with blueberries, have golden crispy edges and a sparkling sugar, buttery crust!

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Baked asparagus with balsamic sauce and bulgur

Baked asparagus with balsamic sauce and bulgur by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Delicious and healthy dish wonderful in taste and aroma.

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Favorite Buttermilk Waffles (with Whole Grain option)

Favorite Buttermilk Waffles (with Whole Grain option) by Salad Foodie

Buttermilk makes baked products divine, and this is the way I use it in waffles. White whole wheat flour or whole wheat pastry flour can be subbed to boost nutrition. Lazy soul that I am, I mix the batter in a blender and use that as a pitcher to pour them conveniently. I freeze extra waffles for a quick into-the-toaster breakfast.…

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Italian Vegetable Dip

Italian Vegetable Dip by RecipeKing

Italian Vegetable Dip is a quick, easy and cheesy recipe for a delicious dip to use for large gatherings, parties, holidays and TV game crowds. It is also a healthy, low calories, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, low sugars, low carbohydrates, heart-healthy, diabetic, vegetarian and Weight Watchers (2) PointsPlus per serving…

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Chocolate Cherry Coconut Scuffins

Chocolate Cherry Coconut Scuffins by Culinary Envy

Chocolate Cherry Coconut Scuffins are the PERFECT blend between a muffin and a scone. Greek yogurt and 3 different sugars make this SCRUMPTIOUS treat wonderful anytime!

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Sweet and Savory Cornbread Cookies

Sweet and Savory Cornbread Cookies by Culinary Envy

You just have to try these fun and flavorful Sweet and Savory Cornbread Cookies. They are buttery, moist, sweet and slightly spicy.

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White Christmas Cookies

White Christmas Cookies by Culinary Envy

White Christmas Cookies are only 7 ingredients including instant White Chocolate Pudding. They are buttery sweet with a slight hint of salt. They MELT in your mouth!

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Honey Glazed Roasted Carrots

Honey Glazed Roasted Carrots by Peanut Butter and Peppers

Sweet and Savory roasted carrots a perfect side dish that would compliment any meal.

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Oat Toffee Cherry Chocolate Cookie

Oat Toffee Cherry Chocolate Cookie by Culinary Envy

Oat Toffee Cherry Chocolate Cookie is a sweet, tart, buttery, crisp, chewy cookie. Soft, moist and flavorful, it is my most requested oatmeal cookie recipe by far!

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Chocolate Cherry Marbled Cookies

Chocolate Cherry Marbled Cookies by Culinary Envy

Chocolate Cherry Marbled Cookies are soft, luscious, chewy chocolate, marbled with buttery vanilla and a slight hint of tart cherry in a silky drizzled chocolate. An irresistible combination!

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Pumpkin Cider Oatmeal Muffins

Pumpkin Cider Oatmeal Muffins by Kyle Dalakas

Pumpkin Cider Oatmeal Muffins are the ultimate in fall baking! Simple, delicious and healthy, these are done in 30 minutes! Try this seasonal treat for breakfast or snack time!

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Sleepover Salted Maple Baked Donuts

Sleepover Salted Maple Baked Donuts by Culinary Envy

Crazy good, sweet and scrumptious, Sleepover Salted Maple Baked Donuts are a soft cake baked version that is easy and delicious.

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Candy Cane Lane Cookies

Candy Cane Lane Cookies by Culinary Envy

Candy Cane Lane Cookies are thick, plump, chewy, soft baked vanilla cookies loaded with candy sweets in every bite.

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Brownie Croissant

Brownie Croissant by Culinary Envy

Brownie Croissant is an absolute WINNER! You have these scrumptious fudgy brownies with delicate, light, flaky croissants mixed throughout. It makes the texture almost airy inside. A must try!

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