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  • Smoking serves us as a way of flavoring, thermal processing and food preservation. Meat, fish, cheese, vegetables exhibiting smoke from the burning and smoldering wood. Aromatic constituent is flavor for every specific wood smoke and salt, heat treatment temperature smoke and ensure the preservation of its antiseptic properties, which prevent the multiplication of spoilage bacteria. To deliver a unique taste to use fruit trees with fruit or leaves - juniper, cherry, apple and plum.


  1. Before the smoking the food at a temperature of about 3 ° C treated in salt or salty jelly. Saline prepare the water and salt, and their ratio depends on the desired and expected taste. Most often adds 100 grams of salt per liter of water. As the salt is dissolved in water, the solution soak meat, fish or cheese. To us the solution not swim, the burden of heavy objects.The next recipe for such a solution and add a little sugar and chemically pure potassium nitrate, which reduces the risk of proliferation of toxins. The use of nitrites and nitrates but subject to strict standards, so it is better to consult on this matter with the butcher or other professionals. Larger cuts of meat remained on the solution longer than smaller ones. For example, if we want the evening in the garden of friends smoking smaller fish, only to have them lying around for a few hours. To prepare large quantities such as pork, in brine leave it loaded for several days to weeks. Salted foods drain, put a few hours in warm water, drain again and start the smoking process itself. Smoking a day or two in wood, metal or masonry smoking chamber.
  2. Smoked product quality depends not only on the quality of a particular piece of meat and fish, but also on the quality of burning wood and from the resulting smoke. It is best fresh from the hard wood of deciduous trees, conifers and very dry trees are inappropriate. While we Europeans use oak, alder, beech and mature fruit trees, used for smoking Americans walnut, pecan, maple and hickory wood from. Of birch wood can be used only after the removal of the bark, which excludes the burning unwanted tar. Must chop wood or drank in small pieces, and sawdust are excellent, chips, shavings or twigs. If you would use large pieces, created by the larger fire, which is not suitable for smoking. For smoking, we need to achieve clear the smoke that comes from smoldering or burning fine. A course of this smoke is even more than in full combustion.
  3. Smoked takes place at lower temperatures, ie it is a slow, long lasting process. In cold smoking, the higher the temperature is below than 38 ° C. The most commonly used but the temperature around 20 ° C. In this way the chicken is prepared, less fatty fish, finer pieces of pork and beef, always less fatty foods, so the cheese and vegetables. Some cuts of meat before consumption must go another way cooking - cooking, baking or grilling, because the meat is cold after smoking even raw. Hot curing is carried out at 45 ° C., but can, and go up to 80 ° C. It is particularly suitable for fatty meats and oily fish. Smoking being shorter and more intense. Thus, smoked foods are ready for direct consumption. Another advantage is the removal of fat. Sometimes associated with smoking, grilling or roasting, then place in a garden on the grill with the lid.
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  • Peter Brown
    October 2, 2012
    I am very interested to learn more of smoking particularly cold smokeing,
    Thank you for this interesting article

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