Garden Fresh Tomato Sauce & Spaghetti

Garden Fresh Tomato Sauce & Spaghetti by Catherine Pappas

This is so fresh and delicious! Enjoy with Love, Catherine

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Pumpkin White Chocolate Macadamia Bars

Pumpkin White Chocolate Macadamia Bars by Nancy Miyasaki

These were a huge hit at my October book club! You've never tasted anything quite like them...but you need to. These will make a beautiful display for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Try making them with the Pumpkin Cookies with Icing that I posted. They make a beautiful combination (see photo together). But if you just have time to…

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Pork Tenderloin Wellington

Pork Tenderloin Wellington by Nick Roche

Many of you have most likely heard of Beef Wellington; however, how about getting Pork in on the action? Presenting Pork Wellington, with all the elegance and savoriness of its richer cousin, but at a fraction of the cost. This dish has not been costed, but it easily comes in a less than $25.00 for 6 servings. Consider Pork tenderloin…

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Pinwheel Appetizers

Pinwheel Appetizers by Robin Cooper

One of the best appetizers ever!! Very simple and easy to make and are a huge hit with everybody:-)

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Fried Rice Bowl from Madagascar

Fried Rice Bowl from Madagascar by Rachael Johnson

Everyone loves fried rice, and its very popular in Madagascar.

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Marinated Trevally

Marinated Trevally by John Allred

A good method for preserving the wonderful flavour & texture of trevally or other similar fish such as mackerel or sardines.

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Hatch Green Chile Stew

Hatch Green Chile Stew by Jesica Mueller

Hatch, NM is the home of some of the BEST green chile in NM

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Low Carb Baking Mix

Low Carb Baking Mix by Pam Solomon

I have been working on this mix for a while. I finally have a pretty good combination of flours and meal that works great in my low carb baked goods. I use Carbalose flour all of the time, but many people don't have it on hand as I do. I wanted to put together a baking mix that is made from products you can find in most grocery stores…

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Sausages in balsamic sauce

Sausages in balsamic sauce by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Wonderfully succulent, aromatic and tasty lunch or light supper.

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Texas Caviar (Bean & Corn Salsa or Salad)

Texas Caviar (Bean & Corn Salsa or Salad) by Salad Foodie

If I need black-eyed peas for good luck on New Year's day, I prefer to get them in Texas Caviar....a.k.a. Cowboy Caviar.....a.k.a. Southern Caviar...a.k.a. Bean and Corn Salsa. There's as many names for this as there are variations. This makes 8 cups and serves a huge hungry crowd - think Super Bowl Sunday. It also keeps well.…

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