Bye Bye Blues, A Quick And Spicy Bean Dish

Bye Bye Blues, A Quick And Spicy Bean Dish by kathy gori

I have a small confession to make. I love trick vegetables. You know what I'm talking about, the orange cauliflower, the red squash, the black garlic. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when the gang at Lunita Farm showed me a basket of dark purple green beans at the Saturday Farmers Market. I'd never seen anything like…

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Dahl that's not Dull

Dahl that's not Dull by kirsten's kitchen

A blend of spices stirred into a steaming pot of red lentils finished with coconut milk, to make the most amazing soup

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AaM - PaNnA

AaM - PaNnA by Sangeeta Shah

Aam Panna, a noted Indian cooling summer drink made with raw or green mangoes is an instant thirst quencher.Protects against sun strokes, is a wonderful source of vitamin C and prevents the loss of excessive sodium chloride and iron from the body during summer due to sweating. It also prevents summer diarrhoea, colds, piles, morning…

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Classic Samosa

Classic Samosa by MyCreative Flavors

A classic indian and asian snack enjoyed with chutney. more details at

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Beetroot Cutlet / Tikki / Pattice

Beetroot Cutlet / Tikki / Pattice by Mira

Indian Coffee House @ Kozhikode is very famous for its yummy cutlets. The speciality is that they use beetroot as one of the ingridient for the cutlet which is accompanied by Beetroot based sauce. The waiters in their traditional uniform with a fanned turban on head moves swiftly catering to the needs. You cannot expect a good…

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puffed rice upma

puffed rice upma by gayathri

As the name indicates, puffed rice is made from rice, with the grains expanded through high-pressure heating. Puffed rice has a greater volume than regular rice and is less calorie dense, puffed rice would have fewer calories than regular rice. Puffed rice is commonly consumed as cold cereal and can be beneficial for dieting due to…

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RIpe Mango Gravy - mampazha pulissery from God's own country

RIpe Mango Gravy - mampazha pulissery from God's own country by Mira

The aroma, sweetness & royal colour of mango blended with spices, coconut oil & sour curd makes it the king of all dishes. Aboslutely royal and stunning dish from God's Own Country the greener of green India - Kerala!

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Fruity Hearts

Fruity Hearts by Sangeeta Shah

I had some left over boondi ladoo and left over badam katli, which i was not interested in eating any more,and as i made it with so much passion i didn"t wanted to throw it out,so i tried 2 make something new with it...but along with new flavor....hopefully turned out well.....It can be quickly and easily made......It is most useful…

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Flaky Lachha Paratha

Flaky Lachha Paratha by Nupur UKrasoi

The step by step art of making perfect Flaky Lachha Parathas.. This Punjabi flat-bread is a sure shot heart winner for Sunday brunch

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Isn’t there more to non-vegetarian food than just chicken and mutton? I think there is, too.

Isn’t there more to non-vegetarian food than just chicken and mutton? I think there is, too. by picklemasti

one of the young and popular cousins in the non-vegetarian food family is prawn. When pickled, she is fiery hot and finger-licking spicy – just the kind of medicine needed to bring your everyday meal back to life. The art of pickling prawn is…

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Restaurant style chick pea gravy|Channa batura gravy

Restaurant style chick pea gravy|Channa batura gravy by Lourdes Princy

Thick spicy chick pea gravy to go with breads and indian flat breads.

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Tasty Indian

Tasty Indian by Amanda Millen

One of the values of making bread is the sharing, not just of the food but of the idea. Knowledge is wealth - and over the years, I would like to think I have enriched a lot of minds with bread recipes that I have taught others to make. I have been to a lot of places, enough to compare and incorporate the various cultures in my…

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Nankhatai Recipe (Indian Eggless Shortbread Cookies)

Nankhatai Recipe (Indian Eggless Shortbread Cookies) by Hina Gujral

Nankhatai Recipe is a classic Indian eggless shortbread cookies prepared with ghee and gram flour. These days we all have fallen for fancy first world cookies with gourmet ingredients. Somewhere Indian baked goodies have lost their glory, infact the new generation hardly recognize these conventional cookies. When I baked Nankhatais, a…

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Pumpkin ginger soup

Pumpkin ginger soup by Renu Guru

This creamy smooth delight is perfect for your chilly evenings.This healthy smooth combination of pumpkin, coconut milk and herb will replenish your taste buds

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