Dark Chocolate Torte

Dark Chocolate Torte by Lyndsey

Super rich torte for chocolate lovers.

6 votes
Strawberry tart

Strawberry tart by Alida

A nice, fresh and easy to make tart with not too much butter content.

1 vote
Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin by lecuisinier

This is a classic of French home cuisine - it's upside-down caramelized apple tart.

4 votes
Almond-Crusted Vino Cotto (Vincotto) Apple Tart

Almond-Crusted Vino Cotto (Vincotto) Apple Tart by Deena Montillo

The almond crust and added vino cotto bring a new texture and flavor to apple tarts.

1 vote
Galette Dough

Galette Dough by Stephen Lamb

Far from an original recipe, we've Julia Child to thank for this one, with my own commentary integrated into the recipe. A fantastic way to celebrate the berry season, add fruit as you wish. A word of warning, however--especially watery fruits like strawberries present a problem for this dessert. For one possible use, and…

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Swedish Apple Pie

Swedish Apple Pie by Salad Foodie

"Easy as pie" as the saying goes. But this recipe is really EASIER than pie! Sliced Granny Smith apples go in the pie dish first, followed by a quick and simple topping. The topping settles down around the apples during baking and becomes lightly crisp - so good! Based on The Apple Lover's Cookbook by Amy Traverso.

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Ricotta Pie

Ricotta Pie by molly11

We took the traditional Italian holiday dessert and brought the health benefits up a notch by adding blueberries. We also think the pie tastes better and looks more inviting. Drain the ricotta cheese if you are buying the cheese prepackaged.

3 votes
Freckled pie

Freckled pie by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Melt-in-your-mouth chocolaty pie easy to make

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Berry Galette

Berry Galette by Stephen Lamb

Here's the summery pairing to the Galette Dough, largely inspired by Julia Child. Galette's aren't hard to make by any means, but they are just a few notches above cookies in the dessert hierarchy. One thing to be wary of is that this galette can leak a bit in the oven, so have a baking sheet or jelly roll pan lined with foil…

2 votes
Life of Pie-Crostata Di Marmellata -Daring Bakers

Life of Pie-Crostata Di Marmellata -Daring Bakers by Sucre Spice

Crostate also known as "open faced sandwich"are a traditional Italian sweet treat, most often filled with jam, preserved or fresh fruit, or nut-based fillings such as almond or hazelnut paste, or they can be filled with pastry cream, citrus curd or numerous other delights.

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Sweet Pumpkin Pie

Sweet Pumpkin Pie by Culinary Flavors

After I saw all these beautiful things you all made with pumpkin, I thought I should just present also the Greek way we make this vegetable. This is a sweet pumpkin pie.

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Cinnamon, chocolate and mocha pie

Cinnamon, chocolate and mocha pie by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Chocolate, mocha and cinnamon flavors make this pie simply irresistible. Recipe for the homemade pie pastry you can find at

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Tartlets with cream and fruit

Tartlets with cream and fruit by Irene

My tartlets! They are light and tasty!

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Plum Clafoutis

Plum Clafoutis by The Baking Explorer

Plums are a typical Autumn fruit. The deep reddish purple of their skin reminds me of the leaves falling off the trees and they make me think of jams and wines. You can make a clafoutis using other fruits such as cherries, apricots, and blackberries. I chose plums because they are a really juicy and delicious fruit!

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