Chinese Seafood Noodles

Chinese Seafood Noodles by Weining Wang

My favorite food is Chinese seafood, like Seviche (even though that's technically Peruvian, but I like the Chinese Style Seviche) and Campechana. Those dishes usually contain a medley of different seafood ingredients like fish, shrimp, Mussels, octopus or crab. They are then doused in a tomato lime base with different vegetables; it…

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Chinese Dragon Sauerkraut

Chinese Dragon Sauerkraut by Weining Wang

one of the main branches of Chinese traditional philosophy, the Confucians, has had a great relationship with the Chinese dragon culture. The question involved whether the Chinese emperors had held their great power over the country from the Chinese dragon culture; this thought of Confucians is a complex issue that has included two…

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Chicken Breast Quesadillas

Chicken Breast Quesadillas by myra byanka

Included are some tips on how to saute moist chicken breasts. Use this chicken recipe for enchiladas, tacos, nachos, or other dishes. There is a recipe link for homemade flour tortillas, which are so much better than store-bought. But, if you have access to a Mexican grocery, tortilla factory, or Kroger's, you might be able to buy…

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Leftover Roast Beef Tacos with Homemade Flour Tortillas

Leftover Roast Beef Tacos with Homemade Flour Tortillas by myra byanka

Fairly easy prep recipe utilizing leftover beef. The longer you cook the beef, the tougher it will become, so I used rare roast beef and cooked it quickly over a high heat. Prepare the tortillas and condiments first.

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Sloppy Joes #2

Sloppy Joes #2 by myra byanka

Variation of a Food Network recipe.

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Turkey or Beef Sloppy Joes

Turkey or Beef Sloppy Joes by myra byanka

Use ground turkey or beef for this version of Sloppy Joes with lots of veggies. Serve on hamburger buns or Texas Toast.

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The Gobbler

The Gobbler by Windle Grissett

Recently I entered the Panera Sandwich Challenge, but I was force to enter an alternative recipe (had to use their ingredient). This was a collaborated thought with between myself and my wife. Turkey and dressing with cranberry sauce.

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Baked Chicken Chimichangas

Baked Chicken Chimichangas by Salad Foodie

Skip the messy deep fryer and excess fat absorbed and bake chimichangas instead. Fast to fix and a great way to use up deli roast chicken.

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Turkey & Vegetable Quesadillas

Turkey & Vegetable Quesadillas by Salad Foodie

A fast and yummy quesadilla filled with garden veggies which you can use as an appetizer, lunch or supper meal. With green salad and Spanish rice and/or beans to complete, there will be nary a crumb left! Originally featured in Taste of Home as Turkey Quesadillas, the recipe was tweaked a bit for its listing here. Used as an…

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Pane ZICHI al ragu' di cinghiale

Pane ZICHI al ragu' di cinghiale by Gianfranco Pulina

Un piatto molto antico legato fortemente alla cultura gastronomica sarda!!! Povero ,ma unico nela sua specie in quanto e' l'unico pane che si cucina come la pasta!!!!! Ormai rivisitato in chiave moderna ,si spazia da ricette a base di terra per finire in fantastici abbinamenti con pesce e verdure di stagione......

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A Delicious, Skinny, Fiber Rich Tuna Sandwich You’ll Just Love!

A Delicious, Skinny, Fiber Rich Tuna Sandwich You’ll Just Love! by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

Don’t you just love a good tuna sandwich? Such a popular sandwich most of us have enjoyed since we were kids. Many of us think that if we order a tuna sandwich in a restaurant, it’s the healthiest, low fat choice, right? The fact is, most…

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Springtime Ham, Asparagus and Cheese Melt For Easter

Springtime Ham, Asparagus and Cheese Melt For Easter by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

Sometimes the simple to prepare meals are the tastiest. This open-faced delight surely delivers. We’ve layered a skinny ham salad on top of toasted garlic bread, followed by fresh steamed asparagus and reduced-fat cheese then into the oven to melt. It might sound like a strange combination but wait until you taste it. The skinny…

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(Not Just Any) Grilled Cheese Sandwich

(Not Just Any) Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Amos Miller

Ah, the humble grilled cheese. At one time, the least expensive thing on a menu. Now you're probably looking at entree prices. Friends, if you are going to pay good money in these bad times for a grilled cheese sandwich, I say it is time to make it yourself - and we're talking about not just any grilled cheese sandwich. Let's…

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Make-Ahead Chicken Burrito

Make-Ahead Chicken Burrito by Salad Foodie

Leftover chicken, beans and rice can be put to good use making burritos for tomorrow's lunch, or frozen for a quick meal later. The recipe below makes one burrito, but I like to make several from leftovers on hand, and freeze them for busy days. Use leftover refried beans spread on the tortilla, or if using whole black beans, fold…

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