Best Pecan Pie Brownies

Best Pecan Pie Brownies by Culinary Envy

These Best Pecan Pie Brownies are fudgy brownies topped with a crunchy, nutty, buttery brown sugar pecan pie topping that create the perfect gooey dessert!

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Caramilk Brownies

Caramilk Brownies by Jenn's Baking Chamber

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Cranberry Volcano Brownie

Cranberry Volcano Brownie by Robyn Savoie

Are you staying at home this Valentine's Day for dinner? It's all the rage now. Looking for the simple but perfect dessert for a special evening? Here it is! A creamy, moist and rich brownie that will have your taste buds begging for more. You won't just be able to have one serving. Top each brownie serving with whipped cream…

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Tiramisu Brownie Cake

Tiramisu Brownie Cake by Robyn Savoie

A great make ahead option to prepare a dessert in advance. It’s a divine combination of a chewy, fudgy, brownie and an authentic Italian tiramisu. This is both easy and complicated. The brownie layer is the easy part because it uses things that you already have on hand. While the tiramisu with its mascarpone, espresso and…

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Magical Bars Made Skinny

Magical Bars Made Skinny by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

They’re super rich and decadent. And just six ingredients layered right in the pan. Each delectable bar has 133 calories, 6 grams of fat and 4 Weight Watchers POINTS PLUS. For more skinny recipes, please [email protected]

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Sinfully Delicious Gluten Free Brownies

Sinfully Delicious Gluten Free Brownies by Shawn Christopher

These are absolutely delicious. I learned to cook gluten free when my spouse was diagnosed Celiac. These are the only brownie I eat now, due to flavor and texture. These brownies are unbelievably good and I am sure they will become your favorite too.

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Best Almond Butter Brownies Recipe

Best Almond Butter Brownies Recipe by Betsy's Best

If gooey brownie are your thing then this is a delicious gluten-free decadent brownie recipe that you will love. Hints of cinnamon blends well with the cocoa powder and the almond butter and honey make for the perfect texture of a moist brownie.

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Brown Butter Toffee Blondies

Brown Butter Toffee Blondies by Chef Smith

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banana cream cheese frosted bars

banana cream cheese frosted bars by Claudia lamascolo

a great little bar for coffee, cream cheese frosted banana bars!

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Skinny Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites

Skinny Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

No wonder brownie bites are so popular. These bite size morsels of double dark chocolate are totally sinful! What a great 4 bite treat when you’re in the mood for chocolate. I like to cut mine into four’s before eating. They’re so easy to make since I’ve started with my all time favorite brownie mix and made just a few changes to the…

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Mock Brownie Tiramisu Winning Recipe

Mock Brownie Tiramisu Winning Recipe by Claudia lamascolo

I would like to thank all my readers who voted for my recipe. I am extremely grateful to have won. Here is the video, recipe and photo's of the television shoot . Thank again from the bottom of my heart ...

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Chewy Crunchy Double Chocolate Brownies

Chewy Crunchy Double Chocolate Brownies by Salad Foodie

These brownies are my all-time favorite. They have two unusual ingredients: brown sugar and coconut, which add interesting taste variations and make them more moist than run-of-the-mill brownies. Be sure not to over-bake. They will be done in 20-25 minutes if using a bright aluminum pan; adjust time or temperature appropriately if…

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Almond Brownies

Almond Brownies by peace

Found recipe on and absolutely fell in love.

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Brownies to Die For

Brownies to Die For by Cat Cox-Carter

Rich, gooey and totally yummy!

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Brownies from scratch

Brownies from scratch by Mandy Rodriguez

These brownies are very sweet and delicious; very easy to make! Always a hit at parties!!! I will never make box brownies again.

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