Good Ole Fashioned Southern Creecy Greens

Good Ole Fashioned Southern Creecy Greens by Smokinhotchef

A low-country delicacy of sorts, creecy greens are often not found in supermarkets like more common greens i.e. mustard, kale, collard. Supply in the rural country is mainly a matter of who can identify the tangy green by sight and if the 'patch' is large enough to divvy out any to others. Generally a 'mess' of salad will only yield…

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Honey-Habanero Glazed Ribs

Honey-Habanero Glazed Ribs by Alex Marsh

Ribs can take a long time to cook, but it's worth it. Wonderful sweet and sour mixture to the glaze. You'll love it.

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German Rouladen (beef rolls )

German Rouladen (beef rolls ) by Chef Paul McGovern

I love German food !! This is time consuming to make and you will be in the kitchen for quite a while. So it is a great rainy day dish. Prep time for me is about 1 1/2 to 2hr and I am a Chef. The first time I did this about 20 years ago it took me 6 hr. to get it all done. That is cooking time also and it was at home. Spend the time…

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Melt-In-Your-Mouth Braised Short Ribs

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Braised Short Ribs by Amanda Natividad

How can you not want succulent meat that literally falls off the bone when you poke it with your fork? And that delicious pan gravy? Heaven.

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Mango Pickle

Mango Pickle by Navaneetham Krishnan

tangy and spicy taste and perfumed with curry leaves.

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Gravy by Cullen Allen

So Simple, what a winner

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Savory Country Style Corned Beef Hash

Savory Country Style Corned Beef Hash by Smokinhotchef

This recipe is a simple satisfying and quick meal. Canned corn beef is matched with potatoes, onions and green pepper for chunky forks full of flavor. With time constraints as well as trying to pinch pennies, it's nice to know you can happily create a meal for at least 4 people with just 1 can. Served simply with buttered or olive…

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Jungle Wings (The Best)

Jungle Wings (The Best) by Sam

This is a derivative of a wing recipe I created about 10 years ago. I have since changed it and changed it and changed it until it is where its today, excellence! This ia slightly spicy recipe and it does take several hours to produce, but your guests will love you for the rest of time.

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Spicy Braised Beef Ribs with Creamy Herbed Mashed Potatoes

Spicy Braised Beef Ribs with Creamy Herbed Mashed Potatoes by Rashawnda Martin

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Spicey Pulled Pork

Spicey Pulled Pork by Patrick Travis

This is a braised pulled pork that makes a great sandwich or use it for a tex-mex taco salad. Use an inexpensive cut of pork as it will cook until tender and it shreds easily with a fork.

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Cotechino con lenticchie

Cotechino con lenticchie by Frank Fariello

No Italian New Year's celebration would be complete without this dish of a delicious pork sausage served with lentils. New Year's Eve for Italians—like so many other holidays—is marked by a large, festive meal, often an elegant seafood dinner, called the cenone di San Silvestro or cenone di Capodanno, the word 'cenone' being Italian…

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Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney by Navaneetham Krishnan

Refreshing and robust tomato chutney, derived from an exciting mix of fresh tomatoes, spices, curry leaves and zesty flavor of lemon juice.

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Shredded Beef

Shredded Beef by Patrick Travis

This is a braised shredded beef that makes a great sandwich or use it for a tex-mex taco salad.

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