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Shish kabob, Lamb

Shish kabob, Lamb by Jamie Bernier

Any lamb cut, usually leg of lamb Grill marks are required Medium rare, do not overcook. Serve with mesta, jalala and rice Salt when on plate Red wine Use this with chicken or pork. Skewers are not necessary right on grill is good, do not overcook lamb.

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Maast-O-Khiar, Yogurt Cucumber Salad

Maast-O-Khiar, Yogurt Cucumber Salad by Mozhi Habibi

This is served as a side dish or in the place of a salad. works great with meat or spicy dishes. If you don't like onions you can skip it.

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Dolma, Assyrian

Dolma, Assyrian by Jamie Bernier

Dolma can be stuffed peppers, cabbage or grape leaves. This recipe is for grape leaves. You will find that the stuffing is similar to that of stuffed peppers Rolling is time consuming, great for the holidays. This is served hot unlike the Greek dolma found at salad bars, no oil. The plain yogurt elevates the flavor, got to have…

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Gumbo by Alicja Lombard

This is my “Polish” variation on Gumbo.

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Assyrian Jalala

Assyrian Jalala by Jamie Bernier

Healthy and flavorful, adds acidic finish with lamb.

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