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Green Tea Buns

Green Tea Buns by Little Corner of Mine

My previous green tea buns recipe has bread improver in it and I know that a lot of people have no access to bread improver. I stopped using bread improver few years back as I have no idea what was in it. So, sharing with you here another recipe that has straight forward ingredients list with no bread improver or bread softener. It…

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Green Tea Cream Puffs

Green Tea Cream Puffs by Little Corner of Mine

Green Tea Cream PuffsI was left with some heavy cream from Thanksgiving. So, I needed to use it before it expired and I thought of making a green tea flavor cream filling for some cream puffs. Cream puff is very easy to make, I just followed a classic cream puff dough recipe and play with the flavor of cream filling.Cream puff…

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Roasted Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds by Little Corner of Mine

I always wanted to roast some pumpkin seeds. My opportunity came when I had a bag of pumpkin seeds given by a library event (pumpkin carving) that we went to. I loved green tea flavor and so automatically I wanted to try green tea flavored roasted pumpkin seeds. This is definitely good and make a great snack. Me and my girls all…

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Crispy Pumpkin Cookies

Crispy Pumpkin Cookies by Little Corner of Mine

Crispy Pumpkin CookiesYeah! I did it! I managed to create a crispy pumpkin cookies!!! Two years ago, I tried my hand on soft pumpkin cookies which I didn't really like as I preferred my cookies to be crisp and tasted like cookies instead of cake. I told myself that I was going to experiment and come out with a crispy cookie recipe…

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Matcha Mochi Cake with Sweet Potatoes/Yam

Matcha Mochi Cake with Sweet Potatoes/Yam by Little Corner of Mine

Matcha Mochi Cake with Sweet Potatoes/YamWhy green tea you asked? It's simply because I adore the Redman green tea powder, it's so fragrant and make your baked good vibrant in this beautiful green color. I made sure I bought some when I went back to Malaysia few months ago. There is no substitution for me! Not disappointed, my…

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