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Almond Cinnamon cookies

Almond Cinnamon cookies by Foodessa

Middle Eastern inspired. Aromatic spice mellowed within an embrace of Almond goodness. A tender inside protected by a pleasant outer crunch. No electric beater required. For a detailed post...refer to:

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ALMOND crust LEMON sunshine bar

ALMOND crust LEMON sunshine bar by Foodessa

Traditional lemon bars gets another twist as tangy sweetness is devoured. Partial almond flour crust balances the creamy custard feathered with powdered sugar. For a dedicated post:

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SUGAR sweetie BUTTER cookies

SUGAR sweetie BUTTER cookies by Foodessa

Sugar and butter get whipped with few ingredients to offer a soft center encased by a crunchy outer bite. For a dedicated post...refer to:

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Coconut Pecan Cookies

Coconut Pecan Cookies by Salad Foodie

A search on the Internet for a coconut pecan cookie recipe brought a few candidates forward and fortunately the first I tested was a slam-dunk. This is chewy, somewhat crunchy and divinely coconutty. I stayed very close to the original and glad it turned out so well. Kudos to Mike at his blog for this toothsome…

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars by Salad Foodie

An oatmeal streusel mixture serves as both crust and topping in this delightfully chewy cookie bar. The secret ingredient in the filling is purchased caramel topping. These bars are very sweet so cutting them in smaller portion sizes is appropriate. It just extends the sublime enjoyment of the treats - unless you just keep snitching…

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