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Filipino Style Soft Cookies

Filipino Style Soft Cookies by MARIA LOURDES V. LIPARDO-AYUB

I love our native baked goods. Here's one of my favorite cookies which I successfully created a recipe. Please watch and subscribe to my YouTube cooking channel (Lipardo's Global Kitchen) for more recipes around the world and future raffle draws for giveaway prizes.

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Coconut Pecan Cookies

Coconut Pecan Cookies by Salad Foodie

A search on the Internet for a coconut pecan cookie recipe brought a few candidates forward and fortunately the first I tested was a slam-dunk. This is chewy, somewhat crunchy and divinely coconutty. I stayed very close to the original and glad it turned out so well. Kudos to Mike at his blog for this toothsome…

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Almond Cinnamon cookies

Almond Cinnamon cookies by Foodessa

Middle Eastern inspired. Aromatic spice mellowed within an embrace of Almond goodness. A tender inside protected by a pleasant outer crunch. No electric beater required. For a detailed post...refer to:

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SUGAR sweetie BUTTER cookies

SUGAR sweetie BUTTER cookies by Foodessa

Sugar and butter get whipped with few ingredients to offer a soft center encased by a crunchy outer bite. For a dedicated post...refer to:

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Squash Snickerdoodle shell cookies

Squash Snickerdoodle shell cookies by Foodessa

Here's another delicious cookie made with squash adapting to the 'snickerdoodle' style cookie. Bonus: no eggs required. For a detailed post...refer to:\

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