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Bitter gourd fritters

Bitter gourd fritters by Swapna

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Bitter gourd fritters

Bitter gourd fritters by Swapna

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Bread pudding

Bread pudding by Swapna

I have been postponing this dish for many months. Finally, I made this weekend to host my guest. It was superduper hit & within 2 days my tray was empty. It taste simply divine. Raisins & a tsp of brown sugar made my dessert extremely delicious.Ingredients :Bread slices - 5 nosMethod :1. Combine custard powder in a tsp of cold milk &…

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Plain dal curry

Plain dal curry by Swapna

Simple & quick dal curry taste good with rice & chapathis. Taste of tomatoes with green chillies bring the different flavour to the dal curry. I make this often especially when I make spicy non-veg dishes.Ingredients :Corriander leaves for garnishingMethod :1. Pressure cook the toor dal with a pinch of hing & turmeric powder. Keep…

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Spicy Egg masala fry

Spicy Egg masala fry by Swapna

Sometimes, it becomes little difficult to think & cook really fast in the mornings. In such situation, spicy egg masala is the best & easiest side dish which goes with all gravies. And the taste differs on the seasonings we use. I try to use different seasonings each time & this is the standard recipe. Alternately, mustard seeds &…

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Rich old-fashioned fruit cake

Rich old-fashioned fruit cake by Swapna

Happy New year 2010 :)Fruit cakes are normally baked during christmas & New year seasons. I soaked the nuts & dried fruits in whisky overnight. Flavour of soaked nuts & fruits along with the spice powders makes this cake taste just awesome.Ingredients :Method :1. In a large bowl mix fruits, glace ginger, orange zest, apple puree,…

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Crispy bitter gourd (pavakkai fry)

Crispy bitter gourd (pavakkai fry) by Swapna

Amma makes pavakkai poriyal frequently in those days by adding little jaggery to reduce the bitter taste. I like to make this kind of variety which taste yum & crispy.Ingredients :Method :1. Thinly slice the bitter gourd.2. Mix all the ingredients together without adding water.3. Meanwhile, heat the oil in the medium high and deep fry…

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Yam (Elephant's foot) fry

Yam (Elephant's foot) fry by Swapna

Elephant's foot better known as karna kizhangu in tamil goes great with keerai kulambu. This is my family favourite side dish. This can be either shallow fried or deep fried. I prefer deep frying them, which is easy to make & taste good too.Ingredients :Method :Peel off the skin of yam & slice them.Mix the sliced yam, chilly powder,…

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Tulumba Tatlisi

Tulumba Tatlisi by Swapna

Tulumba is a popular & mostly eaten turkish dessert. This taste crunchy ouside & soft and moist inside. Especially during family gatherings, this dessert plays a predominant role in the menu. This would be a interesting dessert for the sweet lovers and not for the diet concisious people.Ingredients:Method :For the sugar syrup :Mix…

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Crab masala fry

Crab masala fry by Swapna

When it comes to weekend menu, I & pravin will have lotz of discussion on what to cook. Predominately, chicken dishes would be one in the menu. We found lotz of crab in the freezer section which tempted us to buy & crab fry was the menu for the last weekend. It taste good with rice & rotis too.Ingredients :Method :Clean & cut the crab…

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