Balsamic Apricot and Smoke Marinade

Balsamic Apricot and Smoke Marinade by Mariana Pundsack

Only 10 calories in the sugar free apricot preserves. and only 10mg of salt in the liquid smoke. It's a beautiful thing! You can omit the olive oil if you want to eliminate all fat.

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Peanut Dijon Shrimp over rice

Peanut Dijon Shrimp over rice by Jessica

Smooth and light Peanut-Dijon flavor over shrimp and rice. Low Calorie and good source of protein. Quick easy meal

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Cranberry Date Muffins

Cranberry Date Muffins by Geni

These cranberry date muffins are a taste of the holidays as they incorporate Egg Nog, cranberries, dates and rum. These guys are healthy and low-fat but are soft and full of flavor!

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Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins by Carrie LaVere

This is a simple, healthy recipe that really tastes great! My family loves it so much that my 5 year old nephew asked me to make these so he could bring them in to school for a snack for his birthday. Since I have to watch my sugar intake, instead of using regular brown sugar, I use Splenda brown sugar blend and you would never know…

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Broccoli-cauliflower cheese soup

Broccoli-cauliflower cheese soup by Megan Soard

This is my daughters all time favorite soup. It is a snap to prepare and is so very nutritious as well as low calorie and low fat. A little bit spicy but oh so delicious.

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Country Garden Soup

Country Garden Soup by Faith

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