Chicken With Three Peppers Skillet Meal

Chicken With Three Peppers Skillet Meal by Salad Foodie

Tri-colored bell peppers are the showy appeal in this fast-to-fix skillet chicken entrée. Add a side of brown or white rice and fresh green salad and it's a healthy weeknight comfort meal. This is based on my recollections of a recipe I tried several years ago but couldn't locate - it comes fairly close and we liked this version a…

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Indian Fry Bread

Indian Fry Bread by Diane Jackson

What is Isleta? Who is Isleta? Isleta is a Navajo Indian Reservation South of Albuquerque. The Indian Village at the NM State Fair was the place to go and get a fresh, hot, Indian Fry Bread or a Indian taco. Best memories of the fair was standing in a long line and finally devouring some Indian Fried bread or a tasty Indian Taco.…

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Easy Chicken Nuggets

Easy Chicken Nuggets by ShaleeDP

So easy to do, even kids can.

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Corn Tortillas made with Yellow cornmeal flour

Corn Tortillas made with Yellow cornmeal flour by Spicie Foodie

Make delicious Mexican corn tortillas by substituting the traditional Masa Harina with yellow cornmeal flour. The tortillas will keep in the refrigerator for a few days, then begin to dry out( which you can then fry/bake and use as chips.) The tortillas can be reheated on a warm skillet/griddle, directly on the flame(gas stove) or…

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Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice by Gloria Barrera

Well this is new to putting thing that i make for almost all my life. All my kids like it so i guess you'll like it too and hope so.

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