Gluten Free Klaicha - Date Filled Cookies

Gluten Free Klaicha - Date Filled Cookies by The Blender Girl

Klaichas are a national treat from Iraq. Traditionally, they press them into special moulds similar to tabis, but I just press them with the prongs of a fork. I have used Rapadura sugar to sweeten the dough, and using rice, tapioca and buckwheat flours to make these treats gluten free and more like shortbreads. You could also use some…

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Tashreeb (an Iraqi Dish)

Tashreeb (an Iraqi Dish) by miansari66

Tashreeb is a delicious , balanced and nutritious dish of Iraq. I dedicate my this recipe to the Foodista team.

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Iraqui Pita Bread

Iraqui Pita Bread by Miri

When I have time, I really enjoy making breads. Pita is great to eat as a wrap, snack, or with soup on cold day. This recipe is from Mama Nazima's JEWISH- IRAQI Cuisine, by Rivka Goldman.

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Hamburkr Chicken

Hamburkr Chicken by alaafared

Nutritious and healthy meal free of fat and grease.A very high proportion of protein.Unlike Hamburkr red meat saturated fat.Harmful to health and the heart and arteries.But this meal is very healthy because the chicken breast fat-free and rich in protein

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Pakal by alaafared

Is a recipe for winter is nutritious and easy consisting of boiled beans well, oil, eggs and bitter orange juice and bread clip into small pieces

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