Cauliflower & Potatoes ~ Indian style

Cauliflower & Potatoes ~ Indian style by Amos Miller

I have never been a really big fan of cauliflower, but I love potatoes and spices. This dish, known as 'Alu Ghobi', has long been a favorite vegetable side dish in my kitchen. It is simple, easy to make and very healthy for you. One seldom finds a cauliflower dish on the average restaurant menu. But you need not be a…

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Butter Chicken - Chicken Makhani

Butter Chicken - Chicken Makhani by John Spottiswood

My kids love Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) and Chicken Tikka Masala whenever we go to an Indian buffet. So we tried replicating it at home. It's not a difficult dish to make once you have all the ingredients, and the results are delicious! It also gains flavor in your refrigerator over the next few days, so it's great for…

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Kheemah Kheemah Kheehah Chamelion

Kheemah Kheemah Kheehah Chamelion by kathy gori

Ok, I'm sure I'm dating myself with that one. I remember when I was dancing around with one earring and big hair and leggings and I hadn't yet started cooking Indian food. But that's another tale for another time. Boy George aside... A got an email from a Facebook friend in the UK the other night. Evidently someone had gifted her and…

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Bread In 20 Minutes, Or the Fast, The Delicious and The Gluten Free

Bread In 20 Minutes, Or the Fast, The Delicious and The Gluten Free by kathy gori

Every culture and cuisine has their own version of bread and I like all of them. Flat or tall, round, square oblong, leavened, or un, paper-thin or giant heavy slabs. I love the stuff. What I don't love is the mixing, kneading, waiting, rising,…

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Cool As A Cucumber Salad!

Cool As A Cucumber Salad! by kathy gori

Summer weather is definitely here which brings about all sorts of grilling type activities, cook outs, and pot luck get togethers. When the perfect light side dish is called for why not break away from the regular old cole slaw, potato salad nexus and make your side dish a Bollywood star. Here in Sonoma, the heart of California…

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Grilled Tandoori Turkey Tenderloin

Grilled Tandoori Turkey Tenderloin by Bob Vincent

This is a fun rendition of Tandoori. It is adapted from a recipe in Cuisine At Home seven years ago. Since most people don't have a tandoor; a wood clay oven, similar results can be obtained by grilling the turkey on high heat. Don't be put off by the amount of spices used. Combined with the yogurt and sour cream for the marinade…

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Got Carrot Salad? Got 20 Minutes?

Got Carrot Salad? Got 20 Minutes? by kathy gori

I love stuff that's fast and easy. These are the recipes that are lifesavers especially when "stuff" happens, for lack of a better word. Dishes that are versatile, and inexpensive to prepare and can be prepared ahead of time are even better. I was looking for that sort of thing this week, after the whole Film Festival craziness and…

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Creamy Cauliflower And Lakers Magic!

Creamy Cauliflower And Lakers Magic! by kathy gori

One thing I love about fixing a tandoori chicken lunch is the simplicity. Once the chicken has been marinated, nothing goes better with this dish than a bread some pickled cucumbers and one veg. The most likely vegetable to find on my tandoori table is cauliflower. Especially when I can get a beautiful organic one for 99 cents!…

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World Cup Cabbage. Quick, Easy and Comforting When You Don't Make The Late Goal.

World Cup Cabbage. Quick, Easy and Comforting When You Don't Make The Late Goal. by kathy gori

I have to be honest here. I've never watched a soccer game. Basketball has always been my sport. The only reason that I've never really watched soccer is because like most citizens of the US of A, the TV machine has never told me to. But all of a…

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Squash In A Spice Paste Done Pronto!

Squash In A Spice Paste Done Pronto! by kathy gori

This has been one hell of a week, one of those 7 day stretches that includes everything on lifes' smorgey...except dental. Of course the week's not over yet. It's been a week of some nerves, some loss, some traveling, some stress and the general sense of just being unable to catch up. That said, I can't wait for Monday to start the…

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Creamy Kadhai Paneer

Creamy Kadhai Paneer by Vaishali Sharma

Paneer...An all time favorite at my house specially with my husband! He can have paneer any time any day. Paneer and bell peppers are cooked in a kadhai in a creamy onion tomato gravy and added are dry powdered fenugreek leaves that gives it a distinct nice flavor. This is very easy to prepare and is a perfect entree to go with…

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Carrots Aren't Just For Rabbits!

Carrots Aren't Just For Rabbits! by kathy gori

When planning any meal it's important to have the right mix of dishes on the table. It's like writing, having all the words in the right place is what makes the difference. An Indian meal is no exception, the proper balance of hot and mild, wet and dry, sweet and tart, soft and crunchy is important. That's where Carrot Salad comes in!…

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Gluten Free Dumpling Delights! Sweets Without The Wheat!

Gluten Free Dumpling Delights! Sweets Without The Wheat! by kathy gori

Almost everybody loves desserts, however not everybody loves what desserts do to them. I'm not talking here about the amazing expanding waistline, larger pants size problem. I talking about gluten intolerance. There are a lot of desserts that involve wheat flour and there's the rub. It's the gluten in the wheat that makes desserts…

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Let's Have A Chat..the Easiest, Fastest Snackfood Ever!

Let's Have A Chat..the Easiest, Fastest Snackfood Ever! by kathy gori

Everybody likes snacks and every culture on the planet has them. Street food, finger food, the quick and dirty, sweet and greasy, salty and spicy, they're sold from pushcarts and stands, baskets in hands, and also in bazaars, bodegas and supermarkets all over the planet. These are the foods that mom always told you would spoil your…

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Gujarati Vegetables With Lime And Cilantro!

Gujarati Vegetables With Lime And Cilantro! by kathy gori

Ever since Paula Wolfert gave me a Clay Coyote Flameware skillet the other day, I've been jonesing to use it. However, at the same time I got the skillet, I also got all inspired to fix some meatless Indian raw salads that I'd learned of from a cookbook she'd also given me. I kept staring at the beautiful Flameware skillet up on the…

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