Vegetarian TVP Spaghetti Sauce

Vegetarian TVP Spaghetti Sauce by Micheline

This vegetarian spaghetti sauce is made with Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), a highly nutritious soy product, an alternative to meat. The texture and taste resembles ground beef. You will be pleasantly surprised by the look and taste of this meatless spaghetti sauce. TVP is available in Health Food Stores and is made by Bob's Red…

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Super Moist Carrot Muffins

Super Moist Carrot Muffins by Micheline

I adapted a carrot cake recipe to this super moist carrot muffin recipe because I like my muffin and coffee in the morning. These muffins are super moist and tasty. A great way to start my morning.

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Sauerkraut Salad

Sauerkraut Salad by A.L. Wiebe

Honestly, when a friend told me he had found this recipe in an old cookbook, I was a bit skeptical. He was bound and determined to make it, in spite of my turned-up nose, so I put my best manners forward and tasted it. It was delicious, and helped greatly to wash down the crow I was forced to eat!

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Hearty Turkey Chili

Hearty Turkey Chili by Monocot

A Medium Hearty Chili that has tons of veggies and is low Calories but Doesnt Seem Like it

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Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian Chili by Micheline

Comforting, tasty, spicy chili without meat. The meat is replaced with barley. Legumes and grain a great healthy meat replacement combination.

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Colourful Slaw

Colourful Slaw by Micheline

An eye catching slaw using green and red cabbages, yellow and red peppers and orange carrot for colourful salad to bring to a BBQ or a potluck.

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Pepper Squash Soup

Pepper Squash Soup by Micheline

This soup is creamy, velvety, tasty and could be served as an entrée for a special meal and occasion.

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Double - Triple Carrot Cake

Double - Triple Carrot Cake by Sarah Reid

Twice the nuts and triple the fruits are stuffed into this moist, subtly spicy and perfectly sweet carrot cake. Buttermilk and macadamia nuts up the deliciousness, and flax seed provides some extra nutrition while cutting down on the cholesterol from eggs. Makes two 10" rounds.

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Live Flatbread

Live Flatbread by fitchick

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Vegetarian Beet Burger

Vegetarian Beet Burger by Micheline

This vegetarian burger has the unusual addition of 1 tbsp of grated beets, just enough to give the burger a pleasant color. Once cooked, this burger looks and tastes like a meat burger. It is delicious!

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Creamy Goat Cheese Greek Zoodle Salad

Creamy Goat Cheese Greek Zoodle Salad by Homemade & Yummy

Creamy Goat Cheese Greek Zoodle Salad is fun to make. Bursting with Mediterranean flavours. Makes the perfect side to any meal, especially in grilling season.

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on top of the stove stuffing

on top of the stove stuffing by cindy adshade

this is great for roast chicken,pork loin roast or pork chops

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Smoked Salmon Cucumber Appetizer with Cream Cheese

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Appetizer with Cream Cheese by Homemade & Yummy

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Appetizer with Cream Cheese is party perfect. Easy to make, easy to handle, easy to eat!! Perfect for summer entertaining.

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Broccoli Overload Soup

Broccoli Overload Soup by Homemade & Yummy

A quick and easy soup with minimal ingredients….made in minutes.This a a great soup to experiment with. Your choice of broth, milk (or not), flavour of cheese (if using), really make the soup different every time. A great change is using mushroom broth along with sliced mushrooms added to the pot with the broccoli. I prefer to use…

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Indonesian Butternut Squash Soup

Indonesian Butternut Squash Soup by Bill Farley

This is a great soup. I hope you try it and enjoy.

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