Southwestern Rib Rub

Southwestern Rib Rub by Patrick Travis

This is a very simple rub that takes only a few minutes to put together. I use it on pork ribs but it’s excellent on beef also. Rather than baby back ribs, I like to use this rub with regular meaty spareribs. I grill the ribs for about 1 ½ - 2 hours. This does not make a fall off the bone rib but rather one you can really sink…

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Bubba's Wave Oven Marinated Flank Steak

Bubba's Wave Oven Marinated Flank Steak by John Luse

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pumkin Butter

Pumkin Butter by Brett Ede

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The Original Fettuccine Alfredo

The Original Fettuccine Alfredo by Evelyn Scott

Mixing the ingredients on a warmed platter will help them melt quickly to make a satiny sauce. For the best results, use dried pasta, which doesn't break as easily during tossing as fresh egg pasta does.

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Mussels Manhattan

Mussels Manhattan by Cecelia Heer

A classic Manhattan is a fine drink, and our home bar is always well-stocked with bourbon, sweet vermouth, and bitters during the winter months (all other months, too). I adapted this recipe from executive chef Larry Tressler of Holland House Bar and Refuge in Nashville. The mussels are simmered in bourbon, sweet vermouth and…

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Asparagus-bacon frittata

Asparagus-bacon frittata by Enda Love

Canadian asparagus is in season in the early summer – perfect for pairing with bacon and eggs in this frittata. Recipe courtesy of Walmart Live Better. For more summertime recipes or inspiration on how to incorporate fresh produce like asparagus into mealtime, head to . You can find fresh regional produce throughout the summer at…

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my island hot sauce

my island hot sauce by brian coates

sweet to taste,but kicks a few minutes later

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Creamy Mushroom sauce

Creamy Mushroom sauce by Michelle

This is a versatile sauce. You can put this over chicken, steak, or even hamburger patties( my kids love it when I do this!) Add some brown rice and you have yourself a great main dish!

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