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SUGAR sweetie BUTTER cookies

SUGAR sweetie BUTTER cookies by Foodessa

Sugar and butter get whipped with few ingredients to offer a soft center encased by a crunchy outer bite. For a dedicated post...refer to:

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1-2-3 Chocolate Almond FUDGE

1-2-3 Chocolate Almond FUDGE by Foodessa

Community spirit and the love of chocolate were the inspiration for this very simple fudge. Roasted and raw almond slices bury themselves into gooey, buttery chocolate. For a dedicated post...refer here:

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CITRUS glazed RICOTTA cookie

CITRUS glazed RICOTTA cookie by Foodessa

Tangy LEMONS and sweet ORANGES will delight you in every bite from these cake-like RICOTTA based cookies. For a dedicated post...refer to:

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Italian mini cake BOCCONOTTO -Bocconotti

Italian mini cake BOCCONOTTO -Bocconotti by Foodessa

Mini Italian cake specialties inspired from the Abruzzi region of Italy. Chocolate and almonds rise to the occasion with a blazing start to our newest year. Note: This recipe makes 12 muffin type cakes ...or if you have the tartelette moulds...about 20 bocconotti can be made. For a detailed post...refer to:…

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CICERCHIATA wreath for the Holidays

CICERCHIATA wreath for the Holidays by Foodessa

An indulgence made of dainty, crunchy dough nuggets held together with flavoured honey…topped with candy sprinkles. For a dedicated post…refer to:

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